Wed 5/21/2008

A few weeks ago I had this idea: Why not have a SPECIFIC DAY where everyone makes an effort to tell other people about The Dvorak Simplified Keyboard Layout???

Sure, we've been rocking The Dvorak Zine and for about three years now (over 100,000 hits!) but that is more of a "you come to us" thing. This was going to be more of a "hit the streets and spread the word" thing.

Gabe and I did some brainstorming, and originally thought we'd do it on Dr. Dvorak's birthday, but that is May 5th, which is already snatched up by Cinco De Mayo. So then we switched it to May 21st, the day Dr. D turned in his patent for the DSK in 1932. This is also a date close to team DVzine's heart, because all three Star Wars prequels were released right around the 21st.

Anyway, help us spread the word, won't you? I drew up some DIY flyers for people to pass around, or you can print out your own copies of the Dvorak Zine to give to people, or at the least find someone who's never heard about Dvorak and drop some knowledge on them!

We're starting off small (because we didn't have much time between the idea and the actual day) but maybe next year we can make it a proper celebration with an event or two...

Today is also special because I am totally done with teaching for this semester! I turned in all my grades and everything. It feels really good to be done and I am already working hard on my various and sundry projects. It's hard to believe, but I actually have some money in the bank and enough freelance stuff lined up that I am not sweating about money for once in my (freelance) life. We'll see how long THAT lasts! :P

In other "news" Gabe bought a suit. He claimed it was his first, but I reminded him there is another suit he employs quite often at parties, which he has had for much longer... this just happens to be the first one he bought in a STORE. ;)

Also, my good friend Liz Prince has a new website! LIZ PRINCE POWER . COM ! The site looks great, so take a peek around and hit it up with a bookmark!

I'm feeling a lot better (99% healthy?) probably because weezer released a new track from the album, and I have been rocking out to it non-stop. It's called TROUBLEMAKER, and it's so awesome it is taking all my power not to GO OFF about it right now. (Still want to wait until I can hear the whole album before properly weighing in...) But yeah... it rocks! The Red Album is gonna be great!

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That's a snazzy suit.

Happy Dvorak Day!

Chris S. May23

Who is that guy in the picture? He's much too cleancut to be a friend of yours!

Gabe's Mom May24

You know, the 21st is Victoria Day, but that's in Canada. Anyway, I am so doing Dvorak day this year! Awesome idea!

Lauren Beck Mar26

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