On a Sunday

Sun 1/30/2005

It was a balmy 30 degrees this morning, so I woke up early and walked across central park. I hadn't really been in there since the big snow and it was very peaceful and (relatively) quiet. I always forget how good it feels here to be in a wide open space with nothing above you except for the sky...

Anyways, I met up with a new friend of mine, Philip, and we ended up going to the Guggenheim, which I had never been to. I know the building from hundreds of pictures and stuff, but man--really going inside is something else. The idea is simple: a spiral. But the way it is executed...man. That Frank Llyod Wright was really one of a kind. The art was incredible (including this AWESOME Aztec art exhibit), but I would have paid just to get to walk around in the building. It seems so small from the outside, but once you are inside, spiraling upward... I don't know, it's really incredible.

Then we headed over to the Metropolitan Museum of Art because Philip wanted to show me some Rueben drawings. The Met is "free" (suggested donation) so we just paid a quarter and went in to look at these amazing drawings. It's pretty crazy to go in there just to see one thing though... Like, we are buzzing through rooms with Monet's and Van Gogh's, not even looking, saying, "I think it's in this next room here." I'm going to be out of New York for the next two weekends, but I think when I get back I'm going to try and start going to the Met every Sunday morning, to draw. It's too much to see in a day, but maybe if I go every week I can see HALF of what's in there...

Anyways, it was really nice. I walked back home across the park again in the snow. Kids sledding. Dogs frolicking in the snow. Teenagers holding hands even though it would be warmer to keep them in their pockets. Central park is the best.

Then I came home and spent all afternoon DOING MY TAXES (ugggggggggh). I had to have my FAFSA form in today, for financial aid for Pratt. Talk about a pain in the ass! In 2004 I worked as an children's afterschool drawing instructor and a hardware store employee in Portland, Oregon, a scenic carpenter in Seattle, Washington and a temp worker in New York City. FOUR different W-2s! THREE different states! AGGGH!

It's 9pm and I'm only just sitting down to draw Comics now. What a day...

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