Back in the Saddle Again

Wed 5/28/2008

Oof, this week really kicked my ass. I put in a solid 40 hours, coloring Aaron's book, which is just about the best job ever, but it did mean basically CHAINING myself to my computer.

After a whole semester of dashing back and forth to BMCC two or three times a week, it was a bit hard to stay in the apartment this week. Especially because the weather was so pleasant (probably the last nice week of Spring, as the humidity and hot weather are on their way...) But I reminded myself, if I was temping again, I would have to spend 40 hours in some office somewhere, so it's not so bad getting to work here. I have windows! And I can take little 10 minute naps! And I don't have to commute! And I can listen to Weezer while I work! etc. etc. etc.

Anyways, on top of that I've also been chipping away at my contribution to the next Syncopated Comics Anthology, which is due at the end of next month.

ALSO, I got the first batch of translations from Max, for the French L'employé du Moi collection of Phase 7. So I worked out a little system for relettering my comics, and have been plugging away at that...

So, yeah. Those are my main projects right now... Meanwhile, Basewood lies totally neglected! (SIGH) Ah well, I just need to make it through the next two months and then I will really be able to buckle down.

Hmmm... what else? Well, the new weezer video was released this week, and it is awesome (no surprises there). Only SEVEN MORE DAYS until the album is released. I gotta say, I am pretty pumped. And then a few days after THAT is MoCCA! I've got a bunch of friends coming to town for the show, so it should be a good time. And between now and then, GRIZZO is visiting for a few days, so I'll let you all know how THAT goes...


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Alright! Good job with the good job!

Can't wait to see the colors!

Chris S. May28

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