Wed 6/4/2008

Well, Grizzo left yesterday after a pretty entertaining visit. It went down about as I expected it would; there was a healthy amount of laughter and an unhealthy amount of drinking.

Kaz gets in tonight from Seattle and then Greg arrives from Portland on Friday. Aaron is putting up Nate (from L.A.) and Liz (from Boston). It's going to be so great to hang out with all of my out-of-town cartoonist friends this weekend at MoCCA!

In other news, I have The Red Album and have been listening to it NON-STOP. I'll try to share some of my thoughts in a write-up before things get too crazy with MoCCA madness. For now I'm doing some serious digesting... For the most part I would say that it's super sweet though. So check it out!

Adventures await... more soon!

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hey thanks buddy, i was afraid you'd post that one embarassing photo of me winning the nobel prize for strenghening human-ethanol relations

grizzo Jun04

The red album is good... a lot of nods to hip hop but not annoyingly so... it will be fun to discover my favorites as I give it multiple listenings. Interested to hear your thoughts as well. Wish I could be in NYC this weekend. boo.

Pluswhich, I ate his leftover soy-beef for lunch today. What a guy!

Rachel Jun04

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