Quick Vermont Recap

Mon 6/30/2008

Aggggh. I feel like I don't really have time to blog right now, but I know if I don't do it tonight, it's never going to happen. So I'm going to try and (QUICKLY) recap the trip to Vermont and all the various exciting things that happened up there...

Did I mention that Heroes Con was a lot of fun? Well IT WAS. Aaron and I had to get up super early the morning after it was over though, to catch our flight to Boston. There we caught a bus to New Hampshire, and then another bus to White River Junction, Vermont.

It was a bit weird coming to WRJ this time, knowing that I would be MOVING there in just a few weeks. Not only was I there to help teach the Create Comics workshops at The Center For Cartoon Studies but I also had to find an apartment!

Aaron and I met up with Robyn for dinner and a mini-powwow, to plan out the next day's activities. We have all done the summer workshops for the last three years now, so we had a pretty good idea how things would go, though there were FORTY students this year (!?) which we split into two groups (Group Calvin - under 18 and Group Hobbes - over 18 :)

We had some awesome students and I feel like the workshops went really well. Everyone seemed to learn a lot and we made the coolest minicomics EVER (shown here!) Minicomics master Jon Chad helped Robyn design the books (with 2-color screen printed, goccoed, embossed, THUMB-PRINTED, file-folder covers) for our private-eye character Erin Branson!

On Wednesday night I got to meet Aaron's mom and step-dad, who were randomly passing through our part of Vermont on a camping trip. We all went out to dinner on a perfect summer evening which was extremely nice. James Sturm also took us out for Breakfast one morning, which was cool. We got to see his new studio/office space which was pretty amazing.

OKAY, so! On Tuesday I went with Robyn to check out an apartment that was across the street from CCS. It was sort of expensive and had a bit too much space for me. I didn't have too many other leads for places in town, so I was pretty stressed out.

Then, as luck would have it, I ran into Lucy Knisley on the street in front of the school! She mentioned that she was moving out of her place that very week and I asked if I could come check it out. She warned me that it was a total moving disaster in there, but agreed to let me check it out, which was awful nice of her.

I remembered checking out pictures of her place back in October, on her livejournal account, and the place looked just as nice in real life as in those pictures. It was PERFECT! I really, really wanted this apartment, but Lucy said the landlord had stopped showing it to people, which maybe meant that it was already taken? She gave me the landlord's info just the same, and I decided that I would just have to tap into my inner-pushy-new-yorker.

So I called the guy and set up a meeting and filled out an application right then and there, and gave him all my references and said I would write him a check immediately if he wanted. He needed to look into all my credit history, etc. etc. but sure enough, he called me a few days later and the place was mine! PFEW!!!

It is SUCH a relief knowing WHERE I will be moving at the end of the month. I have a few pictures up on my Flickr account and I'll add more once I get up there and set everything up. The place is pretty expensive, but I figure it's going to be hard enough living in this isolated little town, that I might as well have a nice place to hole up at the end of the day. It's about 100 feet from CCS, so I won't have to have a car, and for the first time in about 6 years, I will be living ALONE. I'm really looking forward to it.

Okay, well, I'm back in New York (which is even WEIRDER, knowing that I am leaving so soon!) and I've got a ton of work to do in the next three weeks. Not to mention the whole "dismantling the apartment" process, which has already begun... UGH.

Posts might be pretty sparse for a while here... It's going to be a busy and hectic July!

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WHOAH nice apartment! And living ALONE?? What a dream! Although I don't plan to live "alone" ever again, I am definitely looking forward to not having a roommate once we can afford it. Even the best roommates can be kind of annoying sometimes. And how awesome is it that you won't have to commute at all?

Liz Jun30

Alec --

Prediction: You are going to LOVE being a Comics Hermit in isolation (well, surrounded by dozens of other Comics Hermits, that is) and hiding out in your apartment and studio and classroom in Vermont and getting INTO YOUR ARTWORK!

And then, just think, when the snows finally come and the whole region shuts down under a shuddering, smothering blanket of white (round about the end of September, early October...), you'll get even MORE time for your artwork!

-- M.

Marek Jun30

Awesome. First we get a photo with Alex Bullett dominating the forgeound, then I hear that John Chad IS around there after all, and you got a swanky place! This is an uplifting blog entry.

By the way, I moved this weekend. Moving sucks, but having a new place = a-okay awesome.

The space looks superb! You're going to have a great time. Speaking as another who has recently moved to a great space.

Cam Jul02

what a great place and best of luck with your move to VT!!!

even if it is a little expensive, i'm sure it can't compare to the ridiculous rents here in nyc...

just make sure you don't take any of those roaches with you--- we had one last night!!!

stephanie (:)> peep! Jul02

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