Tue 2/1/2005

So tonight, while riding the B train to my Figure Drawing class at the Society of Illustrators, I hear the conductor say that THE C TRAIN WOULD BEGIN SERVICE AGAIN IN THE MORNING.


Let's review: Originally they say it'll be dead for 3-5 YEAAAAARS. I believe the quote was, "For all intents and purposes the C line no longer exists." Then somehow that number gets bumped down to 6-9 MONTHS. Then tonight I find out, "Nope. It's fixed."

I mean, I don't want to JUST chalk this up to someone doing a poor job of estimating the damage. I'm sure there have been some people working REAALLY hard these past two weeks. But, is that not just totally crazy?

This whole thing seems like something I would do when I am really emotionally unstable and upset. Someone gives me some bad news, I TOTALLY FLIP OUT AND OVERREACT and then a few days later I realize it was not that big a deal. It seems like a whole gigantic city should be above that sort of thing... But I won't complain. At least I'll be able to get around again.


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