Dragon Coat!!!

Tue 7/15/2008

Alright, well all of the Animal Alphabet paintings have been sold (or, well, I gave a few away at the end there) except for the Aardvark, which I have decided I'm going to keep for myself. He was the little guy that started it all, so I'll hang him on my wall to remind me of the project. Thanks to everyone who bought a painting! I think they all ended up in really good homes.

Sorry it has been so long since I've blogged about anything... Truth be told, I've barely left the apartment this past week, as I've been in total lock-down, crunch mode, trying to finish my two big projects. They are both due in TEN DAYS, which is kind of terrifying...

Also, I leave New York in TWELVE DAYS, which is its own kind of stress...

One bright side of my impending departure, is that I'm getting to see a lot of my friends to say good-bye. On Friday a group of my Pratt friends got together for a little farewell party. It turns out that Ajani is moving to Japan to teach English, and Shaun is moving back to Salt Lake City. The end of an era!

Another HUGE bright side of going away, is that Rachel made me the most awesome going-away present EVER: THE DRAGON COAT!!!

This one time, a few years back, my friend Nicole came to New York for a visit and it rained the whole time she was here. We were in line at a coffee shop and there was this little kid in front of us, wearing a raincoat that had spikes all along it, like a dragon. I said, "Whoa! NICE JACKET!" and the kid sort of hid behind his father's leg. His Dad said, "Jeez Sam, you sure are getting lots of compliments on your new rain coat!"

I guess at some point I told this story to Rachel, and we were both bemoaning the fact that such garments could not usually be purchased in adult sizes. Also, my trusty blue raincoat (which I stole from my dad) doesn't actually keep the rain out any more and all the seams are falling apart...

SO! Rachel bought me a cheap raincoat at K-mart, and then sewed on dragon spikes all along the hood and back. It is pretty much the coolest thing EVER! (There are some pictures of it over on my Flickr account) I can't imagine how much time it must have taken, but I CAN tell you this: I love this coat to DEATH, and I will wear it until it completely disintegrates! Thanks Rachel!!!

Alright, I gotta jump back into the fray. I'll try to post a few more times before I skip town... wish me luck!

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Dude AWESOME RAIN COAT! I am super jealous. Rachel did a great job!

Liz Jul15

badass, alec...i've always wanted something like that...let the rain dance begin

jeff Jul15

Good Luck, Alec!

Amazing coat. And so very you. Hooray for good friends!

Ellie Anderson Jul15

That's is an amazing photo. Wow.

Safe travels!

Ayo Jul18

nice! is the material flammable? Because a pic of you spitting fire while wearing it would be hilarious... photoshop? what? heh.

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