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Sun 7/20/2008

Sure, I'm totally stressed out with deadlines and MOVING MADNESS, but I still have a little energy left at the end of the day, to be mega-pumped about some things that I love...

1) I don't know if people know this, but instead of doing a huge stadium tour to support their new album, Weezer instead hit the road (ALAS, SADLY on the West coast only) doing a "Hootenanny" tour. This means that they invited 200 or so Weezer fans to come down to a predetermined venue with ANY INSTRUMENT THEY WANTED and then they had a giant jam session, where the fans actually got to play along with Weezer.

Like I said, it was only on the West coast, plus you basically had to win the invites through a radio station, so there was NO way I could have gone. But they just posted some videos of one of the sessions, and I am so jealous I just want to die. I won't even tell you what I would have been willing to do to trade places with any ONE of those 200 people. ALAS! ALACK!

The bright side is that Weezer is going to do a proper tour later this Fall. So maybe I can sneak away from CCS one night and go see them play. Weezer is the best!

2) My Mom sent me this article about the amazing new Jim Henson Exhibit at the Smithsonian.

This closes the same weekend as SPX, so I'm going down a day early to check it out. I really can't wait to see this exhibit, and to look at some of the original muppets and the sketches and designs that led to their creation.

3) I didn't quite know how to feel about the new animated Star Wars movie... I mean sure, I was probably going to go see it, but I wasn't necessarily pumped about it...

Then, the other night I went to see Hellboy II at midnight with Liz and Zane (who is WAY into Hellboy) and the new Clone Wars trailer came on, and poof! I was suddenly VERY excited. There is just something about seeing lightsabers on the big screen...

Also, my Dad rearranged his work schedule, so we will be able to see it together when I am back in Seattle (VERY briefly) for a wedding at the end of August. We'll just have to keep our fingers crossed that it'll be playing at the Cinerama.

4) Lastly, I was lucky enough to score a copy of Before Bone before they all sold out. This is a collection of some of Jeff Smith's original "Thorn" daily comic strips from when he attended Ohio State University. It is really fascinating to see the humble beginnings of one of my favorite stories ever. Also, all 500 copies are SIGNED!

On top of that, MK and Shannon were nice enough to get me the Jeff Smith: Bone and Beyond catalogue as a going-away present. (THANKS YOU TWO!) Since I am not able to check out the Bone exhibit at the Wexner Center in Columbus, this is the next best thing!

Well, it's my last week in New York! It's HOTTT outside too, so it looks like I'll spend most of it inside - finishing up projects and PACKING. Here we go... home stretch!

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Try not to stress too much... hope you get to see Weezer sometime this fall (the Hootenanny deal sounds amazing... what an fun time that would be). Enjoy the book. And I am cautiously excited about the new Star Wars movie... I really wish they would start working on the stories after Jedi... we can hope.

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