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Fri 8/1/2008

On August 1st, 2004 I moved from Portland, Oregon to New York City. I had JUST completed the first chapter of Basewood. During FOUR YEARS in New York, I was only able to draw one additional chapter of Basewood. I went back to school, I got sidetracked with other comics, etc. etc. etc.

Excuses! EXCUSES! Well, NO MORE...

Last night, at 12:01am, I shaved all of my hair and my beard off. I am officially recommitting myself to Basewood. I am not going to cut my hair or beard again until Basewood is done. (I expect this is going to take two years or so...)

I am doing this for a few reasons:
1) Because it is HARDCORE!!!
2) I've always wanted to grow my hair (and my beard) out, and Vermont seems like an awfully good place to give that a try.
3) It will be both funny, and fun.

I have set up a Basewood Beard set in Flickr. (I also put up pictures of me cutting my hair off and some pictures of my new apartment). I will post a new picture of my hair growth every time I finish penciling or inking a new page. Then I'm thinking I could do the mother-of-all-haircuts at the book release party! :D

So that's that. Will my beard grow faster than my hair? Will it all come in fast enough to help me out this winter? Will I go totally nuts next summer when the heat hits? Can I actually see this through until the end of the book??? Only time will tell! So place your bets and wish me luck!

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Ugh. Hate what you've done to your head, but will probably hate it more at the end of two years' growth.

Mom Aug01

Sorry Mom!

Alec Aug01

WOW, amazing! I am excited to see the beard/hair growth photos as they happen. It's like a fun side project to your main big project. I was gonna shave my head too but I decided not to because I'd rather wait for a more symbolic moment (like when I got my mohawk the day after I quit my job). For now I'm gonna keep the Unemployment Mohawk around a little while longer.

Liz Aug01

This photo is so scary and cult-like. You couldn't crack a pleasant smile? Yeesh!

Good luck though, you nutter. I know you can do it!

Arlene Aug01

I always thought you had a big, bushy beard. Turns out you had a regular beard and a big, bushy face.

(If Aaron gets the clippers, who gets the clippings?)

Rach Aug01

Holy crap dude...
You have proven to be the most hardcore friend I have ever had.

Good luck with Basewood, I have total faith that you'll get it done.

Ajani Aug01

Ha ha! I did this the first day of grad school, and let it grow for a thousand days (the original plan was to do it 'til I was done with grad school, but then I dropped out like a frozen brick). Took a picture every day. I was pretty ugly by the end. Good luck and god speed! Did this come from your first ISR interview?

Neil Aug01

You do look a lot, I dunno, harder this way. I guess it's the lack of smile. You gotta smile twice as much now!

Chris S. Aug02

Liz - Keep rocking the Mohawk for sure!

Arlene - I'll smile in the next picture, just for you! (you too Chris!)

Rachel - I've got the clippings in a bag... if you want them? (ew!)

Thanks Ajani - good luck in Japan!

Neil - HARD CORE!!! I love the 1000 days idea. I'm kind of bummed we don't live in the same city, I feel like we would be really good friends. Maybe someday!

Alec Aug02

I think probably you should make a little plushie Argus stuffed with your hair. Then you can stick voodoo pins in it when either drawing snowflakes or your itchy ten-foot beard are driving you insane. Good plan?

Rach Aug02

Hey Alec!
Your photos on flickr reminded me of the time you shaved my head into a mohawk for halloween! Remember? You look great!!!

Tom T. Aug02

Ha! That is awesome Alec. So hardcore! A Basewood play-off beard forthcoming... Congrats to you on the Vermont move. I'm really pleased for you. Fer wants to know why you didn't also shave your eyebrows and wax the chest hair. Cheers man!

Cam Aug02

Hardcore, Alec, hardcore. I'm betting that your staple scar is totally awesome with a shaved head.

jim Aug02

wow...well that was quite the shock!...
you're crazy man...
and i love you for it...

Ha ha! You're crazy Alec! I like it... I can wait to see you with a huge beard and long hair, like an old guru...

Max Aug03

so you won't trim anything? what about hair in your ear and nose? is that off limits?

Stefan Aug04

This winter: at least you have your R2D2 hat! Good luck, Mr. intense.

Bruce Aug04

Rach - I like the idea of a Comics voodoo doll. Take THAT comics!

Tom - Of course I remember! That was your SECOND best faculty costume award, right?

Cam - Eyebrows keep the sweat out of my eyes, chest hair makes it comfortable to wear shirts!

Jim - Yeah, I hadn't seen that scar before until I shaved my head!

Stefan - I don't have much ear hair, but the nose hairs might need to get trimmed!

Thanks to everyone else for the support!

Alec Aug04

You are my hero man... heh.

Welcome to the bald life. Make sure none of your grandparents sent you the bald spot gene or else you'll have to keep it shaved.

Or learn from horrid, horrid
experience like your's truly.

Zach Aug13

I just love that your mom chimes in. So cute!

P.S. My mom hates that I buzzed my hair too. Sorry Alec's Mom! :)

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