West Coast Week

Wed 8/20/2008

I'm in Seattle! And since White River Junction is such a small town, it actually took some doing, to get out of there...

I took the bus to Boston on Sunday night, where I stayed with my good friend and fellow cartoonist, Liz Prince. That night we hung out with Tim, Maris and Joe. Then the next morning I had some time to kill before my flight left, so I met up with Matthew Reidsma to draw some comics. We were sitting there in this coffee shop, when the guy next to us overheard us talking about comics and introduced himself as Jef Czekaj. Cartoonists EVERYWHERE!!!

My flight was pretty painless, and poof! Here I am back in Seattle. My sister Galen has been home for a few days too, so we hung out today and went swimming in Lake Washington, even though it is cold and rainy (good ol' Seattle). I've got a bunch of little things to take care of this week (a dentist appointment, I need to renew my license, etc.) and then on Sunday I'm going to my friend Ryan's wedding. Other than that I just want to visit with my parents for a bit and go walking in the woods with my dog Ferris.

Then it'll be back to Vermont to join all of the new incoming students, and to start my fellowship in earnest!

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Enjoy your time off man... use it to recharge for the fellowship. Certainly looking forward to hearing updates on your CCS/Vermont experience.

Are you using Miracle-Gro on your head?

Arlene Aug23

Alec, drawing was a blast!

Matthew Aug28

Thanks Andy. I'll try to keep everyone posted about the CCS experience!

Arlene, no... but it's kind of scary how fast it's growing!

Matt - I agree! I hope we get to draw together again soon!

Alec. Sep01

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