Slothful in Seattle

Tue 8/26/2008

Well, my time in Seattle is all used up. Tonight I head back to Vermont! It has been a VERY laid-back trip home. I always think I will get a lot of work done when I'm out here, but it never seems to play out that way...

I guess I did get a bunch of CCS prep work done (I am teaching the "Professional Practices" class this semester!) but more than that, I watched a bunch of old Disney movies and caught up on my sleep.

My Dad took some time off of work, which is a rare treat, so we got to spend a day together, bumming around Seattle, and I hung out with my Mom a lot around the house. It is very strange being back in this house where I grew up. Certain smells, or the sound of a specific door closing are so precise, I experience them and I feel 8 and 18 and 28 all at the same time.

On Sunday, we took a ferry ride out to "The Peninsula" to attend the wedding of my lifelong friend, Ryan Kirkby. It was a beautiful ceremony, despite the pouring rain. It almost seemed more fitting that way... a wedding in the Northwest! :)

On Monday, I made plans to meet up with Kaz Strzepek, to do some drawing, but before we even got together, I got a call from SARAH GLIDDEN who was RANDOMLY in town for ANOTHER wedding (!!?!) This was especially funny because Sarah and I were both in Boston at the same time last week, but the timing hadn't worked out to meet up. But I guess we were destined to draw comics together, because it all worked out this time! We met up with Kaz and did some drawing and then went to this great screening of Stefan GrubeR's animation. Good times!

Meanwhile, IN BELGIUM, my book went to the printer! Max and I have been exchanging a bunch of emails recently, and it sounds like HE is going to be coming to the USA in September (and will maybe give a talk at CCS?) and I will be going to EUROPE (for the FIRST TIME EVER) in January to attend the Angoulême International Comics Festival!


That's MUCH too exciting to think about at the moment, so instead, I'm going to go finish up my packing and then head to the airport, to get back to Vermont! So long Seattle!

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you're hitting the big time, alec!

Jeff Aug27

Whoah you look so much like your mom and dad! I mean that IS your mom and dad right? Because otherwise you bear an uncanny resemblance to strangers.

ANGOULEME??? AWESOME!!! That's one of the few conventions/events I haven't been to yet that I want to someday attend. That's going to RULE!

Liz Aug27

holy crap, congrats alec!!

nate b Aug28

Thanks everyone! Yeah, I am pumped to go to France...

Alec. Sep01

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