24 hour comic #8!

Wed 9/3/2008

Yesterday I drew my EIGHTH 24 hour comic. It went really well! It was maybe my easiest one ever... It only took from 12:01am to 8:30pm. And I even took a nap for an hour at one point! I guess I've reached "old pro" status on the 24 hour comic challenge...

The key this time, was shrinking the page size to 7" x 8.5" (previously I've always drawn them on 11" x 14") and also I only did a 2x2 panel layout, instead of 2x3. Also, instead of inking one page at a time, I did this thing where I "wrote" batches of about 4-6 pages (meaning that I laid out the panels, inked in all of the text and lightly, QUICKLY, penciled in figures) and then I would blast through them in an inking frenzy.

The comic is called "The 2008 PHASE 7 Summer Supplement" and I'm going to print it up as a minicomic and send it out to all the Phase 7 subscribers this week (please let me know if you have moved recently!) I might also print some up for SPX. And then at some point I'll put it up online.

I mostly wanted to do this NOW, before school starts up, so that I don't have to stress out about drawing a 24 hour comic before the end of the year, when I am neck deep in Basewood! (and SNOW!)

Keep an eye on those mailboxes...

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I can't wait to see THAT in my mailbox... Hope I don't have to shovel snow away to check the mail, though.

Yeah, you know you've got it DOWN when you're napping and taking breaks and you STILL get it done with plenty of time!

Marek Sep09

Here's hoping I get to see that goodness in my mailbox soon... I am hoping to participate in 24HCBD myself (my 4th attempt). Hope you are well man.

CAN'T WAIT! we are always stoked to have your newest art, to show off to friends!.... now we lay and wait to attack the mail man.....

Chance Sep10

IT'S HERE! waiting for Rabbit to wake up from his nap so we can read it! Thank you sir!

Chance Sep17

Glad you worry about the subscribers so much! But don't! We love getting it when the time is right. The time is right, the day they get here. no sooner no later.

Chance Sep18

I just read mine. It was a nice surprise. Thanks!

David Sep20

I just read this "summer supplement" and really liked it. I loved the incoming class that only had question-mark faces yet still had ears. The smiling and talking copy-machine was fabulous, too. Keep up the great work!

Ed Sep21

My favorite panel was the flashback to BARCODE. :-)

David Sep21

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