Whatta Week!

Sun 9/14/2008

Sorry about the dearth of posts, it was a busy first week here at CCS! Monday I started in on a new page of Basewood and a new page of Walker Bean. I tried to get a lot done, because I knew it would be my only full day off to draw.

Tuesday I sat in on Steve Bissette's "Survey of the Drawn Story" class, which was INCREDIBLE. It is basically a History of Comics class and Steve has done a TON of research and really knows his stuff. I will be sitting in on this one all semester long for sure! That night I put the finishing touches on my syllabus and handouts for class the next morning.

Wednesday at 10am I taught my first Professional Practices class. I think it went alright... People were sort of shy, but I guess that's the norm at a school full of cartoonists. The class is pretty small, so hopefully I'll get to work with each student on their specific professional goals.

That afternoon I tagged along with Steve's drawing class on a field trip to Mount Ascutney (picture above by one of the new students, Keny!) In was such an awesome outing. I got to wander around in the woods, climb a few trees, pick (and eat!) some wild apples, tromp around in the mud, follow some deer tracks, talk with some of the new students, draw the mountain and BLOW A CONCH (yeah!)

Thursday, Chris and I gave our two-hour Fellows Lecture. I thought it went really well. I talked for an hour about Basewood, including my process for outlining the story, designing the characters and environments, and some of the main themes of the story. Then Chris talked for an hour about what it means to be an artist, and some of the creative breakthroughs he has experienced thus far in life. He had a lot of good advice for the students. We had very different ways of presenting our information, but I think they balanced each other out very well.

Friday I spent a lot of time in the lab, printing up copies of PHASE 7 for SPX. Things are going to get CRAZY in the lab, later in the semester, once all the students start producing work, so I thought it would be good to get in there before the madness hits and print everything up. I am all set!

Saturday I drew all day, which was awesome. And today we played some more soccer and had a surprise birthday party for Chuck McBuck! Also, today I finally got internet in my apartment. Score!

There is so much cool stuff coming up, I can barely keep track of it all. I'd say more, but I don't want to ruin the surprises and fun... There's plenty of both on the way!

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got the supplement today!...
what a great surprise!!...thanks a bunch Alec...

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