Whatta Wednesday!

Thu 9/18/2008

Wednesday morning I taught my second Professional Practices class. I feel like it is going pretty well... That wrapped up around noon and then I had an hour to quickly eat some lunch and answer as many emails as I could.

Then I went back to CCS to join in on a massive field trip to Mt. Ascutney that Steve Bissette organized for the new first-year students. It was SOOOO AWESOME (check out this Flickr set I made from the trip). We drove up to the top and then did a series of hikes, to a HANG GLIDER LAUNCH PAD (!!?!), a look-out tower and "Castle Rock." It felt really good to get out into the wilderness, and to do a little hiking and drawing 3,000 feet up! Thanks to Steve for putting the whole thing together, and for letting me tag along!

We got back to White River Junction by about 5pm, which gave me two hours to try and clean up my apartment. At 7pm I dashed over to the train station to meet my friend Max who is visiting from Brussels, BELGIUM! Max is the one who hooked me up with L'employé du Moi and translated my forthcoming French PHASE 7 collection. After corresponding through email for almost a year, it was really great to meet him in person for the first time, and to give him a big hug! :)

Today Max gave a talk at the school (as a visiting lecturer) which was really interesting. It was so cool to hear about what is going on with Comics in other parts of the world. Europe has such a different system than us! And it was really inspiring hearing how Max and the other guys at L'employé du Moi are putting out their own work, as a team.

Well, Max is here for a few more days so we will be hanging out drawing comics together and hopefully having a few adventures as well! Hooray for international friends!

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Just saw that you were watching the Smiley miniseries. It's no end of awesome.

THanks for the 24 hour comic Alec.
Great stuff as always.
It was a nice treat.

Wade Sep21

I totally identified with that chick waiting for comics to come in the mail. heh-heh.

Thanks. It was great!

Arlene Sep22

Every day I check the mailbox for that next goddam Basewood and then what do I get? Another freakin' 24 hour comic? Crickey! Whens that next Basewood comin'?
Vermont? Sounds like hippies to me.

bob Sep25

Bob - as Han Solo once said, "I'm workin on it! I'm workin on it!" It should be out early next year - sorry for the wait! I hope your new scene shop is awesome. I'd love to swing by and check it out next time I'm home!

Alec. Sep28

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