Transition: Phase 7 #010 & #011

Sun 9/28/2008

The initial print run of PHASE 7 #010 sold out a while ago. For the last year or so, I have been reprinting it in small batches, while I tried to sell the last copies of PHASE 7 #011. That way, people could still read part one of the "Transiton" story, if they only had part two, and vice versa.

Right after I moved to Vermont though, I got three big orders for Phase 7 #011, which essentially wiped me out (all but 10 copies). This was exciting for two reasons: 1) I could finally make a new book collecting both parts of the Transition story into ONE volume and 2) I wasn't really going to have anything new for SPX this year, because I've been working on Basewood, but now I would!

So over the last few weeks, I have been working on the new book, which is finally done! It clocks in at 116 pages, and is basically just a very straightforward collection of these comics. There's nothing new inside, just the two issues of Phase 7, though there is a nice new full-color, wrap-around cover!

(I've still got a few copies of the individual issues if people need to get one or the other - just email me!)

I also took this opportunity to rearrange my storefront and to delve a little deeper into some of the self-publishing services offers.

The main thing I did, was take down all of the Animal Alphabet print listings, which were really cluttering up the storefront. The prints still exist, only now they need to be accessed directly from links (all of which are still listed on the Animal Alphabet page and in the Animal Alphabet Flickr Set).

I also went through the slightly costly, slightly confusing process of registering my books for ISBNs. (!!?!) For about $100, submits your publishing info to the ISBN place, gets your book reviewed, gives you the number, helps you set a retail price and then enters your book into all of the major book listing databases (which also makes it available on, through Barnes & Noble, and in Google Books, etc.)

So my PHASE 7 #001 - #004 book now has ISBN# 978-0-615-25011-3 and it's already up on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. I make about ONE TENTH the amount of money when someone orders it through one of these retail outlets, instead of through, but it is still really exciting to think that someone could stumble across my book while looking on Amazon, or could request the book for their local bookstore, or library!

I placed my first big order of the new book for SPX, but I'm not sure I left enough time for it to arrive before Greg and I head down to the show on Thursday. GULP! Let's hope I have a stack of these on my table at SPX!!!

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Alec! ISBNs! That's so cool!

Ahem. Yes. Just had to share my geeky librarian glee. I hope SPX is great fun.

Ellie Oct06

I'd been wanting this to be a book for FOREVER, so I was glad to get it.

You know, If I do a mini-comic or self-publishing class, this'll be required reading.

Wow, thanks Chris! I'm really glad it's a book now too. :)

Alec. Oct08

This is a really neat idea. I already had these comics, but I've ordered the book anyway. It's very sharp looking.

Thanks Andrew! Yeah, print-on-demand would be a great way to make a nice big collection of your comics. Give it a go!

Alec Oct24

My copy came in the mail. It's a very beautiful looking book. Can't wait to share it with friends.

Wow, thanks for ordering a copy Andy! I appreciate it.

Alec Nov05

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