Mon 10/13/2008

I keep meaning to write blog entries about how awesome CCS is, but there is literally such a barrage of awesomeness, that it is sometimes hard to keep up with it all!

Last week I got to see a fantastic lecture by David Beronä, an expert on silent graphic novels, I also learned how to screen print, and created my first screen printed image. Also, Jason Lutes invited me in to his Cartooning Studio class to help with critiques, and I hung around afterwards and got to hear a pretty incredible talk he gave about Hergé. Plus I get to cover his class THIS week, while he's in Germany, promoting Berlin: City of Smoke (which is really an amazing achievement in Comics - get it AND City of Stones if you haven't already!)

On Saturday I played Basketball for the first time in SEVEN YEARS with a bunch of the first-years and JAMES STURM, who also turned out on Sunday for our weekly soccer match.

THIS week, I'm going to tag along with Steve Bissette's class on a field trip to the Vermont Institute of Natural Science where we are going to draw REAL LIVE BIRDS OF PREY (!!?!) And then on Thursday Kevin Huizenga is coming up to give a talk!

Even with this non-stop flow of radness, I am managing to get a lot of drawing and coloring done. (And it hasn't even started snowing yet!) The downsides, as far as I can tell, are that I'm not quite getting enough sleep, I'm not reading enough (my to-read piles are OUT OF CONTROL), I'm getting worse and worse about keeping up with email and blogs and stuff, and all of my websites really need to be updated (UGH). If you ask me, there aren't enough hours in the day!

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Alec --

Yeah, I keep reminding myself to keep my priorities straight:

#1) THE REAL WORLD! (sounds like you're having a blast!)
#2) THE EMAIL WORLD! (keep in touch with folks!)
#3) THE BLOGOSPHERE! (It can definitely wait when #1 is so awesome!)

It's inspiring to me that you're still managing to keep your production up, even when surrounded by so many exciting adventures.

Marek Oct16

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