Autumn Adventure!

Tue 10/21/2008

A few weeks ago, I started the process of signing up for the White River Junction Community Car. It's a lot like Zip Car or some of the other car-sharing services, except that there is only ONE car, because WRJ is tiny! I gave them my drivers license information, I paid a fee and I was added to the group insurance, and eventually I got a copy of the key for the car (a Subaru!)

If you ask me, it's pretty cool that White River Junction would have a service like this. Every once and a while, I'm sure it will be handy to have a car at my disposal, to make a trip to the hardware store, or to attend my sister Galen's upcoming graduation ceremony in Montpelier.

Anyway, I was MOSTLY trying to get all of this taken care of, because Rachel was coming up for a visit and she wanted to see some of the famous autumn colors of Vermont! Luckily, the timing all worked out and I got the key just before she arrived last Wednesday night.

On Friday we drove to a farm in New Hampshire where we puzzled our way through a corn maze (MAIZE???) and ate some fresh apples, then we drove up to Montpelier, a town of many used book-stores, then we stopped off at the Ben and Jerry's factory and ended the day in Burlington, where we saw a movie (it's been a WHILE since I got to see a real movie!)

I took some pictures, which are up on my Flickr account if people want to check it out.

I've got a bunch of other stuff to blog about, but I think I will split it up into different posts... I need to spend some time tonight trying to get caught up on some of my correspondence. Also I have to get ready for my class tomorrow! Busy busy busy!

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