Take THAT chaos!

Sun 10/26/2008

Life TRIED to deal me a bad hand last week, but I threw the cards back in its face and LAUGHED. Nice try chaos! Order reigns supreme!

First my computer broke. AGAIN. I crawled back to Gabe's inbox, begging for help and he informed me that my hard drive was now corrupt.

Normally, this would be reason enough to freak out, but I have been very diligent about backing up my files. So I simply ordered a new hard drive, which will hopefully prevent me from having to buy a new computer.

Next, I forgot my cell phone at a party. Normally, this wouldn't hardly matter at all, because I almost NEVER use my phone. But I DO talk to my parents every week on Sunday (a Longstreth family tradition) and I hadn't talked to Rachel in a while either...

Suddenly I remembered SKYPE! (Well, okay, partially because I am going to speak to Jeremy Tinder's comics class in Chicago this week via video conference and we are going to use Skype). So I set it up using my Gabe-given laptop and it worked pretty well! The internets sure are handy, eh?

Lastly, I got an email from Max saying that he found a note in the L'employé du Moi studio that said the box of French PHASE 7 books he sent me about a month ago, had been held up in the customs office, because of some clerical error. He called them today, to see where the box was and they told him it had taken too long to hear from him, so they had sent it back to Brussels.

BUT THEN, today, the box arrived in Vermont! (????!) Hooray! So I finally got to see the book, which looks AMAZING! It's 200 pages of French Phase 7 goodness! Lots of people have already reserved copies, but I've got a few left if people are interested. Email me for ordering details (alec at this site's URL.com)

Well, that's about it for the chaos I guess. It's a busy week here otherwise. I'm trying to finish up some comics stuff for Nickelodeon today, tomorrow I'm making a trip to IKEA with Jon Chad to pick up some furniture for the school, Wednesday I've got a guest speaker in my class, Thursday there is a children's book author/illustrator speaking at the school, and hopefully I'll have my computer fixed by Friday so I can get back to work coloring Aaron's book!

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In your FACE chaos !

Max Oct29

when life gives you lemons? Here's hoping things begin to stay normal for a bit.

Just got mine in the mail! It looks terrific ( I love the smell of a freshly printed book!). Its really awesome. I can't help but think that an English version would do very well too. Its a great collection, and very nicely put together. Merci!

Cam Nov07

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