Minicoimc Shelf!

Tue 11/4/2008

One of the interesting things about living in a community of cartoonists is seeing how everybody deals with the storage of their minicomics. Everyone here has tons of them, and they are very hard to organize because they come in a such wide variety of sizes.

Robyn uses periodical boxes, like you would see in a library, and an old shelf that was used to display greeting cards. Colleen uses this cool door-hanging shoe rack for her smaller minis. Joe has them all separated by size. The CCS Library has a minicomics "garden" which consists of small drawers and shelves, filled with various minis.

And ME? Well, for the last five or so years now, I have just had my minicomics in a BOX. On the floor of my room. And after a while they filled a SECOND box.... and then a THIRD. This sucked because 1) I had these boxes everywhere and 2) If I needed to find a minicomic it was nearly impossible, because they were not organized at all.

SO, this past weekend, I drew up a plan and then built a Minicomics Book Shelf! I took photos of the whole process, which are up in my Flickr account (along with the plans, if anyone wants to make one for themselves!) And I gotta say, I am REALLY glad that I did this! Not only did it totally un-clutter my bedroom, but I can now easily look through my minicomics and keep them organized. And there is plenty of room for more! Hoo-ray!

This is yet another in a series of things I have done recently to fix up my apartment (I also got a love seat and framed a bunch of paintings/prints/posters that I had). Part of me thinks that I'm trying to make my apartment nice because my parents are coming for a visit this weekend (it's the first place I've lived five years that is not a total DUMP) but also, as Rachel pointed out, I am going to be spending A LOT of time in here this Winter, so I might as well make it as nice as I can!

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That shelf is terrific. I totally want to build one for my own. bt I want to organize my minis by author, rather than size. Any ideas on how to do that?

Neil Nov06

Yeah, that is my intention as well Neil! Already, I have begun using some of the larger shelves to hold "author sections" with books of various sizes all by one author. But I'm only really doing that for creators who are friends. For the other 90% of the minicomics, sorting by size is working pretty well.

Alec Nov06

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