Alone II

Fri 11/7/2008

Okay, for my last blog entry this week, I'm just going to let everyone know that ALONE II, the second volume of Rivers Cuomo's home recordings goes on sale on November 25th!

There is a great article/interview all about it, over on Pitchfork which even includes the entire track list for the album. There are a few more unreleased tracks from Songs From the Black Hole on there, which has me really really excited. In one interview, Rivers said he has about another 8 hours of this type of material, so if they keep putting out these collections, perhaps someday we will be able to assemble the entire lost album!

ALL I'M SAYING, is that I did an awesome job of picking a favorite band back when I was 15. I (obviously) don't know what it would be like to be completely obsessed with some OTHER band, but I just can't imagine it could possibly be as much fun as being obsessed with Weezer.

Like, does Radiohead have an extra member of the band who is paid to basically hang out with the band and to keep their fans informed about everything going on with the band? Does Ben Folds, or Isaac Brock, or ANY lead singer even HAVE 800+ songs of unreleased material to draw from??? Or how many lead singers go on YouTube and collectively create a song with their fans?

WEEZER RULES! That's all I'm saying.

Oh, also, the French Phase 7 book was released today in Europe! It already got one review in a big weekly newspaper (not that I can read it... but supposedly it's very positive!) Also another reporter contacted me about doing an interview for a different paper.

I'm having a really hard time wrapping my mind around the fact that people in another country are going into shops, buying a book filled entirely with my comics, BUT IN FRENCH, and reading them and hopefully enjoying them. Life is so crazy!

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I loved your week of blogging. I also love your new star rating system for movies on the front page of your website.

Greg Nov09

I gotta say, Weezer is a really really cool band, and the Blue Album and Pnikerton are without a doubt two of the best albums ever. But the band I've been obsessed with since I was 15 (really) is They Might Be Giants, and they are a good band to be obsessed with. They have that dial-a-song phone number, and a flash application you can download to get free TMBG songs streaming onto your computer anytime you want. They have both an infrequent Audio podcast, and a weekly video kids podcast, and they've existed for almost 25 years now, so they've got about as many songs as there are people on the earth. And ALL THE ORIGINAL MEMBERS ARE STILL IN THE BAND. did that sting a little?

Neil Nov09

Ouch! Good one Neil! ;) I actually thought of TMBG when I was writing this post (a damn fine band!) Because they are in that rare 1% of creative individuals that can consistently turn out amazing songs day after day after day. They do also go out of their way to interact with their fans.

Any one else have an awesome favorite band?

Alec Nov09

Thanks Greg! I wish I could always blog that much, but I've got too much going on right now! Glad you are digging the stars. I can't believe I didn't think of that sooner! It's out of 5, just so everyone knows...

Alec Nov09

I live in Brussels and I got the Phase 7 book. I didn't know your work before... I love it!! I laughed, and liked the evolution of your drawing. Also very interesting for people who would like to make comics as a living!!
definitely looking forward to your other works!!

Tatyana Nov10

Thanks for picking up my book Tatyana! I'm glad you enjoyed it. :)

Alec Nov13

I have an awesome favorite band - the Bouncing Souls (duh)! Awesome to their fans regardless of how crazy they might come off (see Sing Along Forever for proof!), been around 20 years as of 2009, every album is awesome AND they get BETTER (not worse!) with every new album! They still own the rights to a good chunk of their early material (keepin' it DIY!), they have a great double-disc documentary DVD on them (also owned by their own label!) that compiles fifteen years of home movies along with new footage, and FIFTY live performances (including their earliest shows) on the second disc!

OH AND!!! and!!! when I ordered $100 of stuff from their label recently, one of the CDs was signed by all the band members! And they sent me a bunch of additional free stuff with the order! (I am pretty sure this is because they remembered me and wanted to send me special things but even if not, how cool is that?)

And how many lead singers of ANYONE'S favorite band would respond to their fans' messages on MySpace (as Greg often does)? I would wager very few.

Sorry to rant for so long, but you know how it is when you love a band so much! I'm going to see them in December for three days in a row and I am SUPER PUMPED!!!

Thank you for reminding me that I have to get ALONE II! I need to go download it RIGHT NOW!

Liz B. Nov25

Liz, you make a good case for the bouncing souls... I want to check them out! If I had to get one of their albums, which one should I get???

Call me some time this week so we can nerd out about Alone II!

Alec Nov25

Oh gosh... it's so hard to pick just one if I'm trying to indoctrinate... I MEAN... introduce you to them (heh)! Each of their albums has a very unique "feel" with their earlier stuff having a more straightforward "punk" sound and their more recent stuff having a more pure "rock" sound... I would say either "How I Spent My Summer Vacation" or "Anchors Aweigh" would be good, both have equal parts punky stuff and rock n roll stuff, though their second album "Maniacal Laughter" has a lot of fun, catchy punk stuff on it too.

Most people (and the band themselves) consider True Believers to be the quintessential Souls song, it sums up a lot of what the band are about and how they approach life, which is what I really love about them. (incidentally, fans of the band are generally referred to as "true believers" b/c of the song)

Gone is another great song that sums up a lot of what the band are about - it's a great song about the power of music and overcoming depression.

You should come to a Souls show with me someday! Their live performance is really the core of their greatness.

Oh! I should also mention another amazing rock band that's just starting to get some attention - the Gaslight Anthem! Seriously some of the BEST modern rock music I've heard in years. Their 2nd album the 59 Sound is seriously amazing.

Sorry to hijack your blog, but I guess you know by now that sometimes I JUST CAN'T SHUT UP when it comes to the things I'm obsessed with!

Liz B. Nov25

No need to apologize Liz. This is good information to have! I'll have to check some of these out and make a decision.

Alec Nov25

My #1 band is of course, The Beatles. I'm not familiar with Weezers or Rivers, but I'll have to watch for them.

Other than the Fab Four, one of the best albums of all time in my opinion is Neil Young's Decade.

Andy Dec02

Good pick Andy! The Beatles are my #2 favorite band. ;)

Alec Dec03

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