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Fri 11/14/2008

Oh jeez, I blogged every day for a week and then I went a whole week without a single blog entry! Well, it was a busy week, because I had a whole string of visitors come into town.

My parents showed up last Friday night, and we spent Saturday driving up to Stowe, Vermont where we saw some old friends from Seattle, and one of my Father's REALLY old friends from his childhood days in Philadelphia. It was nice to get out of White River Junction for a few hours, but I got pretty car sick which was not fun. After four years in New York, I'm not used to riding in cars, especially not on the bumpy back roads of Vermont!

Sunday I gave my parents a little tour of the school, along with some of their friends who came down from Charlotte, Vermont. Then the next day my FRIEND Charlotte, who grew up in Vermont, visited with her husband Ed, from Chicago which was a very relaxing, enjoyable time.

Then on Wednesday Alison Morris & Gareth Hinds came up and gave an amazing lecture to my Professional Practices class all about the world of book publishing and retail. And NEXT Wednesday, my multi-talented buddy Marek Bennett is coming over to talk about Teaching Comics!

It seems like more people are visiting me here, than they did in New York! I'm not complaining. It's nice to see some fresh faces in this tiny town, and it's especially nice to be able to show them this really incredible place where I work, and my cozy little apartment, instead of some office job that I hate and my apartment with no windows.

On the work side of things, I am SUPER busy with a lot of different projects. It's strange when you THINK you are really busy, but then things get even busier. I had to actually examine my life to find areas where I could cut out extraneous activities, so that I can work more efficiently. Unfortunately, one such area is my illustration blog which is going to be on hiatus for a while. I need to rethink my illustration site as well, so perhaps I can relaunch both of those together in the new year.

I've also been trying to write shorter emails. I write A LOT of emails each day, so I feel like a little terseness could go a long way towards saving me some time. Speaking of which, I better get back to work!

Thanks to everyone who paid me a visit this week!

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I love reading your blog, and of course your comics!

keep it up, and good luck up there in the wintry weather!

Bruce Nov18

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