Coast to Coast BLIZZARDS!

Tue 12/23/2008

Oh man, has it been SNOWING lately, or WHAT? It's like HOTH up in this country! When I left my apartment on Friday at 2pm, it was just starting to snow in White River Junction. By the time I hiked up the hill to the bus station, it was REALLY coming down. My bus was more than an hour late, and by 5pm greyhound decided that mine would be the last bus to go out that night, everything else was canceled.

It was sort of a magical bus ride, in the dark (the freeways aren't lit in Vermont), in the snow, moving slowly, with everything sort of muffled. By the time we rolled into Boston the whole world was BURIED in snow.

I took the "T" (subway) a few stops over, where I met up with Maris Wicks who drove me back to her house, where Liz Prince's birthday party was in full swing! It is really nice to have a warm house full of cheerful people on a really cold, snowy night.

I ended up staying with Maris and her boyfriend Joe Quinones for all of my time in Boston, because Liz's roommate was in the process of moving out. Maris and Joe are both ridiculously talented cartoonists (see above) and it was neat to get a glimpse at their work areas and some of the projects they are currently working on.

Also, while staying with them I FINALLY read the first four volumes of Scott Pilgrim which all my cartoonist friends have been trying to get me to read forever. Now I see why - it is an awesome series! It's probably the most manga-influenced thing I've ever read (uh... besides Keiji Nakazawa's Barefoot Gen) but the drawing style wasn't so over the top that I was distracted from the story. It's really well drawn and the premise is top notch. Above is Joe's interpretation of the main character, Scott Pilgrim!

On Sunday Maris, Joe and I went to the Yule Ball, which is an annual holiday wizard rock show put together by Harry and the Potters. The lineup was: Dumbledore, The Whomping Willows, The LeeVees (a muggle Jewish band singing about Chanukkah), Draco and the Malfoys, Jason Anderson and the Best (also muggle, but SO GOOD!) and Harry and the Potters, who are seriously one of my favorite bands these days. It felt really good to jump around and sing at the top of my lungs, which I don't get to do often enough. ALSO, I got in for free on the GUEST LIST and got to go BACKSTAGE, which made me feel pretty darn cool.

ANYWAY, I was supposed to fly out of Boston on Monday, but of course, the flight was canceled, along with most of the flights because of the massive BLIZZARD that had been raging for the last three days. Also, it had been snowing a bunch in Seattle, which almost never happens. The alternate-plan-options for flying out of Boston were very limited (my airline offered to put me on a flight leaving on the 27th...) so my Mom found a better flight leaving out of New York, TOMORROW, so yesterday I hopped on another southward-bound bus.

So...yeah! I'm in New York (??!) It's a little strange, because I wasn't planning on being here, and I'm only here for like 30 hours. I'm staying with Rachel, I hung out with Gabe briefly last night and today I ran around trying to finish up the Christmas shopping that I WAS going to do in Seattle.

Tomorrow promises to be a long, crappy day of cross country travel. I have to get up at 4am and then hopefully my flight won't be canceled, and hopefully I'll make my connection (in Las Vegas?) and hopefully my bag will make it there and hopefully Rachel's flight will be alright too and we will meet back up in Seattle to have Christmas Eve dinner with my family. FINGERS CROSSED.

Well, everyone stay warm, travel safe and have a happy holidays!

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Merry Christmas, Alec.

Arlene Dec25

Thank you for the Xmas card! Happy holidays to and yours! be safe, stay warm, spread good Karma

chance Dec27

Thanks Chance & Arlene, I hope you all had a happy holidays!

Alec Jan05

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