My First 2009 Blog Post

Mon 1/5/2009

Ha ha! I'm back in Vermont. It was an action-packed, whirlwind visit to Portland. Rachel and I CLIMBED A VOLCANO, Clutch took us to a Trailblazers game - Blazers win! (he also took a bunch of photos), New Year's Eve was spent out at the Oregon coast with a bunch of my favorite people. While in the Northwest I managed to see and/or eat with the following amazing cartoonists:

My trip back to the East coast was uneventful, and I came home to the most awesome pile of mail EVER. There were all kinds of awesome holiday cards, minicomics and letters. Thanks everyone!

So this drawing here is the Blog Archive image for 2009. I do one of these a year, and it's always sort of hard to come up with an appropriate image. It's part prediciton - what I THINK will happen this year - and part new year's resolution - what I WANT to happen this year.

So, yeah... I'm hoping to chill out a bit this year. I probably won't ACTUALLY meditate (though gosh... it probably couldn't hurt!) but I want to just calm down and trust myself and keep working hard. I think I'm on the right path! I just gotta stick to it...

Okay, well, I hope everyone's new year is getting off to a good start. Let's make 2009 the best year ever!

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Happy new year! I have a big package to send you! I meant to send it months ago but it's so big I keep looking at it and going "...tomorrow..." but just so you know... it's coming. Especially given your 2009 blog archive drawing, this package NEEDS you. I will give no further clues so as to not spoil the surprise of its utter randomness when you get it.

Liz B. Jan05

Cool 2009 Prediction Sketch! Mine is here:

Andy Jan17

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