2009 Comics Events

Sat 1/10/2009

OKAY, I think I've got my comics events all sorted out for 2009.

First off, I will be co-teaching one day of CCS's new Adventures in Cartooning workshop for kids aged 10-14. It's gonna be every Saturday from January 24 - February 14, so if you have a kid in the area who wants to learn A BUNCH about comics, sign them up!

Next, here is a list of all of the comics conventions I will be attending this year, including my first two INTERNATIONAL shows (!?!) This list is also up over on the comics page, if you ever want to see where I'll be.

I'll be tabling at most of these events with my good friend Greg Means, who's got some big plans for 2009, including THREE new issues of his Ignatz-award winning anthology, Papercutter!

And lastly, I will also probably be teaching during the Create Comics workshop at CCS from July 13-17. That is the week-long comics intensive that we have done for the last four years or so. It's always a blast and it's a great way to come up and hang out at CCS for a bit to draw comics, even if you can't attend the school.

My sister Galen is also getting married this summer, and my grandfather is having his 90th birthday celebration in the Spring, so it's going to be a busy year of travel. I hope I'll see some of you out there at the shows!

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Cool Alec! I'm planning on attending TCAF, Heroes, and SPX this year. So, I'll see ya there!

Sweet, I am going to ALL of those (except Angouleme) and I'm also gonna hit APE and the ISR table at NYCC! I am most psyched for TORONTO! Believe it or not it will be my first time leaving the U.S.!

It is certainly a very travelly year for me too! No weddings or big birthdays, but I am going to Kentucky (?!?) in March to see the Bouncing Souls play twice in one day and then I am gonna eat pizza with them at Kentucky's version of a good pizzeria. There's a story behind why I'm going out of my way to get to Kentucky for this but it's too long for a blog comment. Anyway, it's gonna be AWESOME!

2009 is gonna rule! YES!! See you in PORTLAND! And all those other places too!

Liz B. Jan10


Hey, congratulations to your sister! That's great!

Arlene Jan11

I hear Jeff Smith is gonna be the guest of honor at Stumptown. See you there, though you probably wont see me, you'll only be able to see Jeff Smith.

Neil Jan12

Hey, I'll see you at Stumptown! I got a table this year - so this time, I'll be on business end of the table.

josh Jan16

Joey & Liz - See you at the shows!

Neil - Yeah! Jeff Smith is also going to be a guest at Heroes Con. It'll be super cool to see so much of him. Maybe I can trick him into buying me another beer. :)

Josh - Awesome!! I think that you will have a really good time and hopefully you can welcome some new people to Falling Rock National Park

Alec Jan17

So if Jeff Smith buys you a beer, do you drink it or do you wrap it in plastic until the price goes up?

josh Jan17

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