Europe, HERE I COME!

Thu 1/22/2009

Tomorrow I am getting on a train, which will take me to New York City. I'm going to hang out with Rachel this weekend and then on Monday morning I will get on a plane which will take me to PARIS, FRANCE (???!?!?!?!!!!)

I'm not sure I can really wrap my mind around this, but I'm TRYING. I've been reading guide books, trying to learn some rudimentary French, studying maps, etc. etc. etc. Max found some friends of his in Paris who are willing to put me up for a few days and then the L'employé du Moi guys are going to pick me up and we're all going to drive down to the Angoulême International Comics Festival.

Kaz is going to be at the festival too, to promote the new French translation of The Mourning Star so I'll have at least one American comics friend to freak out with on a daily basis.

After the festival I will be traveling with Max back to Brussels to hang out for a few days and to do a signing at a book store with Dash Shaw. THEN I'm going back to Paris for a couple more days before I fly back to the U.S.A.

Why am I telling you all of this right now??? Well, I have decided that I am NOT going to blog at all for the next two weeks. INSTEAD, I built a special sketchbook just for this trip, and I'm going to fill it up with drawings and comics. Then when I get back to Vermont I'm going to try and edit it all down into issue #014 of Phase 7. So if you want to hear about my trip you'll have to wait until it all sees print in March! Ha ha!

I know it's bad to have really high expectations, going into something, but I just feel like this is going to be the most amazing trip of my life. Just when I think I can't possibly love Comics any more than I already do, I'm suddenly going to travel to a new CONTINENT and meet a whole slew of new cartoonists from all different parts of the world, who probably approach the art form in entirely different ways, with different tools and mindsets and different readerships in mind. I am ready to have my mind blown all over again... WISH ME LUCK!

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Good luck! I hope you enjoy your trip!

Arlene Jan23

That's awesome Alec! Good Luck!

Box Brown Jan23

Have a good time in Angou ! Maybe we'll meet there. If you're interested, I'm doing a series of short articles on Americans in Angou, and how it differs from US cons. Mail me if you'd like to join in.

This is so awesome, Alec. I'm psyched for you (and wish I was going too!) Have an amazing time in the magical world of B.D!!!

Sarah Jan23

draw like a mofo and have a blast, i'm sure you will! and say hey to kaz for me.

nate Jan23

Awesome Alec, enjoy!

Wade Jan25

I came into CCS with exceedingly high expectations, and they've been met and surpassed so far! It's not always a bad thing I guess!

Hey Alec! That sounds great!
At first my morning weary eyes thought the right flag was Germany, but I was just dazzed.

That would've been close and I would have come to visit your event.

So maybe the next time at Comicsalon Erlangen, ha? ;)

All the best,


great book Alec, i loved it, so funny,
don't change nothing, and so long guy
ps : you draw me on your turttle in Angoulême

benoit Feb03


Nice to have met you a the booksigning in Bxl.
Really enjoyed the French P7.

"The Turtle" reminded me of Jan Fabre's sculpture "searching for utopia" I guess that fits to your work to.


I read your book (in French)
"phase 7", I really like it !!
I buy it in Angoulême!
"Bon voyage", if you go to Brussels,
we drink a glass of bier !
+ +

chanic Feb09

Hi Alec,
I just finished your book 'Phase 7' translated in french... appreciated a lot your regards!!

Yannick Feb11

Wim, sorry I didn't get your note before Angouleme. I hope you had a good time there!

Yannick, Chanic, Dries and Benoit thanks so much for checking out my book!

Alec Feb13

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