Back in the U.S.A.

Fri 2/13/2009

Well, after two of the most inspiring, mind-blowing weeks of my life, I am back in the United States.

I've actually been back for a few days now (though I just returned to Vermont last night). I was going to wait to write this post until I had my photos up in a Flickr set, but there are a LOT of photos, plus I have about a million other things to catch up on, so it might be a while before I can link to that.

I'm not going to try and recap my trip on this blog, because I documented my entire trip in my Europe Sketchbook, which I am going to edit down into Phase 7 #014! Hopefully that will be ready to print a few days from now. Exciting times!

I'm going crazy trying to catch up on email, doing my taxes, getting back into the swing of coloring Aaron's book, reconnecting with friends, filling out Phase 7 orders and trying to get over my JETLAG. But I'll post again as soon as I have some of this stuff ready to go!

And thanks to all of my new friends in Europe who made it such an awesome trip!!!

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Whoah Alec you are looking like a young Santa Claus already! Crazy! Did you get your Alec Longstreth: the Toy in the mail yet? It talks, you know. Unfortunately we did not think to put glasses on it, but I suppose you can make your own and put them on it.

So glad to hear you had such a great time! I'm looking forward to your sketchbook stuff!

Arlene Feb14

just read your P7 in french with the Employé du Moi édition (BEFORE Angoulëme, so proud), loved it, will now try to subscribe from the US. Great work,


Delphine Feb14

Hey Alec
I feel the urge to post this because I find it so unfair that you get all the ladies in your comments. Duh.
Bye duuude, can't wait to read the new issue.
Come back soon, or we'll have to track you down at home.

Jonathan Feb14

yeah spare your money and get your "star wars" wisdom back in france next year !
rare is the day you can see a jedi eat a tartiflette !

pierre Feb14

At your rate of beard growth, by the time Basewood IS done you won't need clothes. I can't wait for beard-swaddled Longstreth con goodness.

Hey Alec,

Oh my land! Didn't you just shave your head and face? I can't believe your beard!!! Ha-ha! Seems like that growth was awfully fast. Wows. You are such a man. :)

BTW, I clicked on the link to your Euro-sketchbook, saw that you are interested in doing everything in ballpoint and then turn it into a book. ...just a word of caution; I tried doing a 100 page book in ballpoint pen for the same reason (And Then One Day #5...the red cover) and ended up spending a couple weeks correcting scans because the ballpoint pen ink would skip occasionally and letters would become illegible. If I had to do it over again, I'd use a micron or some sort of reliable, thin, felt pen to achieve the same effect with much less back-end work. Just sayin'.

Regardless of how you put together your Euro-sketchbook, I'll be looking forward to seeing what you produce. Let me know when I need to resubscribe to ye ole' phase 7 subscription. I'm guessing you'll send a notice when it's time, eh?

Take care,

Ryan Claytor :)

welcome home! Glad you had a grand time. loving the beard

Chance Feb16

Liz - I DID get your gift. Thank you! He has a place of honor in my apartment.

Pierre - thank god that's on the internet! Phew... what a night!

Jonathan - P7 #014 will be sent out soon!

Ryan - thanks for the words of caution. I did some inking tests before I left and luckily everything worked out fine. The only thing I had to touch up was some bad lettering from trying to ink on a bumpy train/plane. You've got plenty of issues coming your way, so not to worry!

Alec Feb18

Welcome back... the beard is mighty, glad you had a great time and I am definitely looking forward to the new issue.

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