Phase 7 #014!!!

Wed 2/18/2009

Phase 7 #014 is done! Subscriber issues will be sent out by the end of the week, so please send me your mailing address if it has changed recently!

There are some preview pages up on the comics page if people want to check it out, and I am taking pre-orders from non-subscribers, which will be sent out by March 1st.

Also this Friday at 7pm, at The Center for Cartoon Studies I am having a release party, where I will talk a little bit about Angoulême, (and show a short slideshow of my photos) and I'll also have a stack of cool French comics that I picked up at the festival for people to look through. Everyone who attends will get a free copy of Phase 7 #014, so please swing by if you are in the area!

I have also (SLOWLY) started to upload photos from my trip into my Flickr account. I will continue to add photos, a day of my trip at a time, until they are all up. So hopefully by the time people get their copies of P7 #014, they can read the comic and then take a look at photos of the places I visit in the comic.

There is other intense stuff going on this week, but I don't really feel like posting about it right now. Soon, I guess...

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Jonathan Feb19

Just finished reading it Alec. Really fun. Almost like being there myself. Hope I get to toast a glass of wine with you in Angoulême someday!

Cam Feb27

read it today...
wonderful stuff Alec...brilliant...
i really enjoyed it...

and as for the person who wrote that passive aggressive rant on your facebook site, he/she is completely in the wrong, and, in my opinion, has no idea what you're about, nor do they have the capacity to appreciate your unique aesthetic approach to comics...
i say BAH! to the fatuous and ignorant nature of those comments!...

hey alec, fantastic issue. lol'ed when max made up fake translations "star trek is better than star wars" -- ha! s'funny, i think LA picked up on many euro/latino traditions, like the pouring others beverages, kissing on cheeks, eye-contact when toasting every other glass on the table (interesting origin of that, btw).

i think you did a great job of capturing the trip, thanks for sharing with us!

nate b Feb28

a really fun issue, man.

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