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Wed 2/9/2005

So I finally finally FINALLY got Loveline set up to listen to here in New York. WHAT A PAIN IN THE ASS!!! Yeah yeah, I know. Loveline can be pretty obnoxious, and lots of people don't like the show. But what can I say? NOTHING helps me get through that 10pm-midnight drawing shift like Adam and Dr. Drew.

So anyways, after trolling through ALL of the stations in New York at night a bunch of times (there are A LOT) and STILL not finding it, I hit the internet, dug through a bunch of sites and eventually found a station in ATLANTA, GEORGIA(???) that plays the damn show, ON EAST COAST TIME (recorded the night before and delayed one day), and streams it over the internet. And to be able to listen to it I actually had to cave in and install Windows Media Player (the FIRST and ONLY Windows product to be installed on my iBook since I bought it 3 years ago). So I've comprimised my morals...but hopefully I'll get some more drawing done. I caught half the show last night and laughed my ass off and ALMOST finished penciling page 11 (arguably the "hardest" page of Basewood Chapter 2).

Okay, also the CHRISTO & JEANNE CLAUDE GATES are going up in Central Park and they are WAAAAAAY cool. I'm going to be gone this weekend when they are unveiled, but on Monday I'm going to walk home from work through the park and really take them in. Also my friends Bob and Carol are actually going to come out to New York for President's day weekend to see them! I'm so excited to have some real Seattle friends in town. Woo!!!

Hmmm...what else?

Oh, my left hand. It's going pretty well so far. The best ever is using a mouse with your left hand. That just MAKES SENSE. I'm also warming up to brushing my teeth with my left hand, although I end up with A LOT of paste all over my face...but I'm working on it. Eating got confusing fast, so I've given that up. I eat most of my meals standing up (I spend all day/night sitting so it's nice to stretch my back), so if I have to hold the bowl/plate and then a fork, which hand should do what? Right to hold the plate? It's heavier than the fork! So...? It's good. I think if the right-hand wrist pain continues in the coming years I'm going to just teach myself to write with my left hand. I'm not ready to really commit to that YET...but I'm definitely going to start warming up with unimportant items (to-do lists, brainstorming sheets, etc.)

Anyways, bla bla BLAAAAAAA! Time for Comics. Oh man--pick up that McSweeney's #13 and read the Chris Ware intro. He does a GREAT job describing what it's like to draw Comics every day. It made me feel not so crazy. Or at least not so alone...

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