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Wed 3/18/2009

I spent yet another week bottled up in my apartment, coloring like crazy, and putting in quite a few hours on Basewood as well. This hermitic lifestyle doesn't really lend itself to exciting blog posts, so I guess I'll just link to some other sites again for the time being.

The photo here, is of my friend Matt Bernier who has overhauled the Comics Tools Blog into a pretty amazing collection of cartooning information. MK originally created the site to interview various cartoonists about which tools they use (uh... including ME!)

A few months back Matt took over blogging duties and started posting tips and tricks that he has learned. It covers everything from lettering, to lightboxing, nibs, brushes, erasers, white-out, ink, etc. etc. etc. I read Matt's posts every week, even when I feel like I "know" the tool he is showcasing, and every week I still learn something new. If you are a cartoonist, definitely check it out! It will help you understand your tools better, so that you can focus on them LESS, and MORE on your drawings.

I've been listening to Radiolab a lot, which (as everyone told me) is GREAT. I've been trying to pace myself, listening to only one episode a day, but I'm already almost caught up to date. So today, I was in iTunes, trying to find something else to listen to and I came across the Adam Carolla podcast.

For about three years I listened to Loveline almost every night while I would draw from 10pm - midnight. It was always interesting to me, and I thought Adam Carolla was really funny. I feel like I maybe SHOULD feel embarrassed about that, but I guess I don't. I know he can be a real jerk, and I've never seen any of his TV shows, and I didn't follow the whole thing where he moved to morning Radio. But I guess that show got canceled? And so now he's just doing a Podcast on his own. Anyway, I've been listening to that late at night, and it feels sort of nostalgic and comfortable in a weird way. To chuckle at stupid jokes while I sip some tea and put in my last two hours of work.

ANYWAY, sorry this blog is so lame and once-a-week lately. It feels like my whole life is on hold right now, trying to finish up this project. Two more weeks, and then I'll be back to sitting in on CCS classes, going on field trips, getting ready for Stumptown, riding bikes (BECAUSE THE WEATHER'S GONNA BE GREAT BY THEN, RIGHT???) etc. etc. etc. So... yeah. Sorry if things are a little slow around here through the rest of March. I'll make it up later. I promise!

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i just started listening to carolla too..its pretty good, i like the stories he gets into with his guests about the ins and outs of "the bussiness" the most...

jeff Mar19

Come April there's gonna be a "March Madness" update, yes?

ak47 Mar19

Andrew - COMICS March Madness? Yes. Basketball March Madness? No.

I'm glad I'm not the only one Jeff!

Alec Mar19

Hey Alec,
I finally got a copy of Phase 7 #14 and I enjoyed reading it so much!
It makes me a bit sad too because I had a great time this year in Angouleme - in great part because of you- Hey we miss you over here.
So thank you,

I love Bernier's tools updates, too. He's one of those guys who I know is going to better the medium with his input.

David, I'm glad it finally arrived! I miss you guys too. Maybe our paths will cross this summer again if you come visit your in-laws again, yeah?

Alec Mar26

sipping tea? what do you drink at night? i find that even the no caffine stuff keeps me up...

jeff Apr06

Jeff- I drink a lot of tea. I usually start the day with Earl Grey (which has a LOT of caffeine) and then in the afternoon I have decaffeinated Green Tea and then I drink Sleepytime Tea late at night.

Alec Apr06

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