CCS Summer Workshops!

Thu 3/26/2009

The CCS summer workshops for this year have been announced! We're trying some new things this year, including an "Extended Studio" option where students spend a few extra days putting their newly learned skills to use. These workshops are a great way to learn about comics, make some new friends and to spend a week at CCS eating, dreaming, breathing (and making) COMICS.

Sitting here on a cold, cloudy March day, summer seems pretty far off... It's spring break this week for the CCS students, so things seem pretty quiet here in White River Junction (even more quiet than usual!) I'm not sure I have too much to report from my end. I have been working like a dog on Walker Bean and Basewood, and there doesn't seem to be much energy left at the end of the day to blog about stuff.

I took Sunday "off" this week (or, well, I took like a "half-day") and I printed out the Circle of Fifths and wrote out all of the major and minor scales and I have been practicing them on my guitar, like actually trying to learn the notes, instead of just strumming everything. I spend a lot of time during the week thinking about this top-secret music project I have brewing in my mind. Hopefully I will have some time this summer to work on it a bit.

I also had this crazy creative breakthrough late Sunday night. It was the kind of thing where I had been thinking about ten different things, in ten different parts of my mind, for months, or in some cases years, and then all of a sudden, in one glorious moment they all collided and fit together perfectly. It's SUPER top-secret, so I don't want to talk about it too much, but I feel like it is an idea that will sustain me creatively perhaps for the rest of my life.

Anyway, I have been working on some other, less secret stuff which I've been documenting. So at some point here, I'll post some cool things for everyone to check out. Until then, it's back to the grindstone!

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"sustain me creatively perhaps for the rest of my life"
ummm... I want some of that!

Stefan Mar26

Waow ! what's the top secret project?! You already said too much... I have no clue what it is but it seems amazing !!! ha, ha...

Max Mar27

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