Industry Day!

Sun 4/12/2009

This past Thursday was "Industry Day" here at CCS. This year we had a pretty awesome line-up of editors!

The editors had a very informative panel discussion in front of the students and then they gave portfolio reviews throughout the afternoon. That night we all met up at the local bar to socialize and hang out. It was nice to see Chris and Brett again and I really enjoyed meeting Peggy and Calista, who is working with Aaron on his next graphic novel! It was a pretty cool day. (Jen took a bunch of photos including the one above, if people want to check them out).

I've still been working like crazy, trying to get all of these projects done. I'm closing in on them... the finish line is visible! I'm mostly in such a crunch because I'm trying to finish stuff off before I leave on Wednesday to head to Portland, Oregon for the Stumptown Comics Fest!

I'll be tabling again this year with my good buddy Greg Means and supposedly we will be joined by Nicole Georges for a few hours on Saturday. If you are in the Portland area this upcoming weekend, please swing by and say hello! There will be so many talented people there, and tons of great minicomics to pick up.

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