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Tue 5/5/2009

My comics pal Liz Baillie was in town this weekend, to see a Bouncing Souls show up in Burlington. If you subscribe to Liz's Minicomic of the Month Club or if you've read her minicomic Sing Along Forever then you know that the Bouncing Souls are probably her favorite group, and that she has been lucky enough to meet the guys in the band on a number of occasions. She even got to tag along with them on tour for a few dates recently (?!)

So when we arrived at the venue on Sunday night, Liz sent a text message to the bass player, Bryan and he told us to just come around to the back of the building. He then got us backstage passes and we got to go hang out with the band before the show. I've only been backstage once before, at a Decemberists show, so it was still pretty darn exciting.

I actually felt a bit guilty... I've only been listening to the Bouncing Souls for a few months (after reading Liz's awesome comics about them) and I knew at that very moment there were probably dozens of kids in that building, who would give ANYTHING to be hanging out with these guys. Anyway, I tried to just enjoy it, and to not say anything stupid, because I really didn't want to embarrass Liz!

Bryan was seriously one of the friendliest, most polite, courteous people I have ever met. He made us feel at home, and was super cool and talkative, all while getting ready for their set, and dealing with all kinds of other stuff. I briefly met the drummer and the guitarist, and I talked for a few minutes with the lead singer, Greg, about my beard, which he seemed to really dig.

Liz and I listened to the opening bands from this secret VIP upper balcony, but then when the Bouncing Souls went on, we went down to the floor. It was definitely the most punk rock show I've ever attended. There was this big mass of people in the front, smashing into each other and throwing elbows around and kids were constantly getting up onto the stage, running in a tight loop behind Greg and then they'd launch themselves spinning into the air, to be caught (sometimes) by the crowd. I sort of worked my way to the back of the crowd, to tap my 29 year-old toes and avoid bodily harm.

Then, about halfway through the set, Greg asks the other guys in the band, "Hey, did you see who's here tonight? I sort of can't believe he's here!" and the other guys in the band are like, "huh? who?" And then Greg says "RICK RUBIN!" and points at me. Some guy in front of me motioned to himself, going, "ME?" and Greg said, "No, no, the guy in the white shirt with the glasses and the huge BEARD" and then pretty much everyone in the place turned to look at me. I felt like I was going to FAINT I was blushing so hard and then Greg called out, "Hey Rick, I hope you enjoy the show! We should talk afterwards, maybe we can record an album together!" It was pretty funny, especially because I think the guy next to me didn't get the joke, and for the rest of the show really thought I was Rick Rubin.

ANYWAY, it was a totally awesome show. I knew about half the songs, so I was able to sing along, though I couldn't yet call myself a "True Believer." We hung out with the guys a little more after the show and then we drove back to White River Junction through a very dark and peaceful night. Thanks for visiting Liz! It was awesome having you up here in Vermont.

I'm going kind of crazy this week, getting ready for the CCS graduation next week AND trying to wrap up a bunch of projects before heading off to Toronto this weekend, for TCAF. It'll be my first Canadian comics convention, and my second international show of the year, so I'm really looking forward to it. I hope to see some of you there!

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I'm glad you had a good time! I had a a great time too! Thanks for putting me up and driving me and feeding me and everything! That was so funny when he called you out in the crowd, hahaha.

See you in CANADA!!!!

Liz B. May05

Ahaha--! The power of your beard is mighty indeed! :)

Katie M. May05

RICK !!! RICK !!! RICK !!! RICK !!!


pierre May06

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