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Thu 5/14/2009

Most major cities have an alternative weekly paper, for instance The Stranger in Seattle. Well, the entire state of Vermont has its own weekly paper, called 7-Days and every week they run a full-page comic by a student or alumni from CCS. This week, they are running a special two-page spread to announce CCS's graduation ceremony and that Jeff Smith is the commencement speaker. There are links to both pages of the comic here if people want to check them out!

The comic was written and laid out by the insanely talented Joe Lambert and then I penciled and inked it, and then Joe came back in and added the tones. In the paper it'll only have one extra color, but Joe also created a really cool full-color version, which I think is going to be printed up and hung in the windows of CCS. It should go without saying that it was REALLY FUN for me to draw the Bone cousins. :)

In other news, I found out last week that an interview I conducted a few years ago with a reporter from the New York Daily News was recently posted online. It's a little weird that this was printed after I LEFT New York, but I guess that's how it goes sometimes!

I ALSO did an interview with ComicBookResources.com last week about my recent Dark Horse Presents comic and my future plans for the "Isle of Elsi." Check it out!

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hey alec...any chance of seeing you at the Maine Comic Arts Festival this weekend? i see there is a contingent coming from CCS to do a panel on self publishing...here's hoping!

jeff May14

Jeff - Alas, I'm a bit burned out after TCAF, so I will not be coming up to Maine on Sunday. Sorry to miss you dude! Good luck with the show!

Alec May15

I loved the DHP comic! Great work.

Man, your work is simply amazing. Keep it up!

Liam May19

Thanks Chris and Liam!

Alec May20

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