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Fri 5/29/2009

Last week the StarWars.com blog had an article all about how Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace came out ten years ago this month, on May 19th. As many of you know, that movie was a pretty big deal for me. It was definitely an "anchor" in my life - a big moment that I use to remember everything else that was going on around then. FOR INSTANCE, "Oh yeah, I started my website a few months after Episode I came out!"

If memory serves, this website was actually PHASE 3 of the original list of Phases that eventually lead to the creation of Phase 7! I had taken a "third-stream" computing course at Oberlin, and I remember being really excited about the idea of having my own website. I wrote all of the HTML by hand and originally I used the site to post old Tasgucks comics, which I had recreated digitally on my revision A iMac. I also had it set up as a portfolio for my theatre work and various other projects. (Anyone remember The Cardboard Man???)

I looked in the internet archive, at some of the old versions of this site and I can safely say that it has come a long way! Here are some of my original navigation menus, which I had forgotten all about.

In 2001, I set up a blogger account, which would display on the home page, but I didn't really start using it until 2002, when I moved to L.A. and then in 2003, I blogged the hell out of my trip to Australia. After I came back to the states, I moved to Portland, where I met the incomparable Nate Beaty. Not only did Nate introduce me to the comics community, he also rebuilt this entire site, incorporating all of the tricky blog archiving, and cross-linking and RSS feeds and everything which I'm still using today.

I feel like in the last six years, I have settled into a pretty good blogging routine. When I was in L.A. and Australia, my blog was much too in-depth about my personal life. I would have these huge meltdowns where I'd have to stop blogging. (Or maybe that was only because I was horribly depressed and heartbroken at the time!) These days, I use my blog partly as a journal of what's going on in my life, and what I'm working on, but also as a place to get pumped about awesome stuff and to share my ideas with my friends and family and whoever else wants to check it out.

So anyway, thanks to everyone who has checked out my website over the years. It's so great to be able to keep in touch with you all and to meet new people and I hope to keep it going for many decades to come! Hooray for the internet!

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I remember your old website. The white on black - it was so unusual at the time! It certainly doesn't feel like 10 years since we were at Oberlin.

Kean Soo and I created the Secret Friend Society back in 2005. As far as I know it was the first kids coicms collective, but we disbanded a few years ago after we scored book deals.I m hard at work on my 5th MG GN, and I have another book in the works that started out as a comic script but is turning into something else. And I ll be at MoCCA again this year We should get lunch!

Anuradha Jul23

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