MoCCA 2009!

Wed 6/10/2009

MoCCA weekend started off with pretty much the biggest bummer EVER. I was riding the train from Vermont down to New York City when I got a call from Aaron, who informed me that Nickelodeon Magazine had been canceled. Even with ONE MILLION subscribers and a readership somewhere around SIX MILLION KIDS, the magazine folded.

This sucks a little bit for me, and lots of other indie comics artists who have been lucky enough to contribute to Nickelodeon Magazine over the years. This sucks A LOT for Chris Duffy and Dave Roman who are, without a doubt, the coolest art directors I have ever worked with. I know they will land on their feet, but it must be terrible to have a steady gig ripped out from under you, especially when it's announced the DAY BEFORE everyone comes into town for MoCCA! Ugh... Oh, it also sucks for the SIX MILLION KIDS who now have no comics to read!

Anyway, Gabe was off in Hawaii playing professional magic (?!) so I was able to use his room while I was in town. It was very convenient, but a little weird staying in my old apartment... It seems like so often in life I give overly dramatic good-byes to places and people that I eventually end up seeing over and over again.

It rained all day on Friday, while Greg and I wandered around, dropping off our comics at various shops in Brooklyn and Manhattan. The Syncopated release party that night was still very well attended, despite the rain, and I had a lot of fun getting to meet some of the other contributors and signing books for people.

Afterwards, I went to another book release party in a different part of Brooklyn, where I was able to pick up the SECOND Mourning Star book by my good friend Kaz Strzepek. Without a doubt, Mourning Star 2 is the book I was most excited about this weekend. I've already read it, and it is TOTALLY GREAT. I can not recommend it highly enough!

I wrapped up my Friday night by getting pretty drunk at Sarah Glidden's apartment, which was filled with a bunch of wonderful cartoonists. I kind of felt in love with everyone in the room. Is there anything better than a room full of friends? I think not. Many a hairy hug was doled out and then I stumbled back to my old apartment in the rain, feeling pretty content.

The show itself was a little bumpy. The new venue did not have air conditioning, which was kind of rough, and there were various organizational problems of every sort. A lot has been said about all the stuff that went wrong, so I won't waste any space on it here. Personally, I had a GREAT show! I picked up a CUBIC TON of amazing comics (some of the ones I am most excited about are shown above, including a pack of Scott McCloud's old minicomics from the 80s which Rachel found at her bookstore, and gave me at the show). I got to hang out with a bunch of my comics friends during the show and at meals, I got to meet a few Phase 7 subscribers in the flesh, and I sold a bunch of comics. For me, it was definitely worth the sweat!

I got a ton of work done on the train ride home (I'm scripting all sorts of comics for future issues of Phase 7) and now I've got about ten days to draw my fingers to the bone on Basewood, until I head to Charlotte, North Carolina for Heroes Con. Has anyone noticed the patten that has been emerging for my summer? Four days away, ten days at home, four days away, ten days at home, etc. Well, this is going to continue well into July!

Hmmm... I've got a bunch of other stuff to blog about. Maybe I'll try to do one of those blogging blitzes this week. A post a day! For a while...

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I'm super excited to see you next week, and your panel sounds super amazing. I can't wait for it!

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