Headed to Heroes!

Tue 6/16/2009

Whoa, wasn't I supposed to be blitzing my blog?! Instead, I'll blog the blitz I've been leading against Basewood!

Using a weakness in the logic of my Basewood percentage calculations, (in which the front "intro page" of an issue is given equal penciling and inking status) I have completed four "units" in the last two days, bringing my current progress total up to 61.54%! I'm choosing to cash in this easy boost now, to cover the time I will be away for Heroes Con, which is this weekend in Charlotte, North Carolina. It's a three-day show (Friday, Saturday & Sunday) and I'm taking the TRAIN down there and back, which takes two days each direction, so I'll be gone for almost a whole week.

I'm pumped about the train ride, where I am planning to get a TONNNN of work done. But I'm even MORE pumped about the panel I'm on this Friday at 3:30pm. Check out the description!

JEFF SMITH & ALEC LONGSTRETH: Two-Way Interview: Room 217A With over 2 million copies of his creation Bone in print, and his new RASL series well underway, Jeff Smith may need no introduction. Alec Longstreth (Phase 7, Basewood), on the other hand, is somewhat less well-known, but is surely on the way to Smith-ian accomplishments. And who better to introduce you to him than Jeff Smith? And introducing the both of them will be the panel moderator, our own Dustin Harbin.

!!!?!?!?! I'll let "y'all" know how it turns out when I get back! And if you're in the Charlotte area, please swing by and say hello. I'll be talbling with my partner-in-crime, Greg Means, somewhere in the Indie Island section. I hope to see some of you there!

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Whoah, which train are you taking down to Charlotte? Me and MK will be on the one that leaves NYC at 7:05am on Thursday and gets into Charlotte around 8:30pm. It would be fun and wacky if we were all on the same train!

Also - that panel is gonna be AWESOME! I hope I can go but I have a feeling I'll be stuck behind my table. Sad.

Liz B. Jun16

OMG Jeff Smith is going to be at HeroesCon? HOLY CRAP I THINK I'LL GO TOO? Looking forward to seeing you, my bro! Gave a Longstreth shout-out in my Comic News Insider podcast interview today--you're famous for sure now!

Liz - sounds like the same train! I get on in Washington D.C. at about 11am. We can hang out in the dining car!

Dustin - see you soon dude!

Alec Jun16

hey alec, that panel sounds awesoeme, any chance its going to be recorded for those of us who live too far away from heroes to make it?

jeff Jun17

Jeff - I'm not sure, but I will keep an eye out to see if anyone is recording it. I'll post here if something goes online!

Alec Jun17

YES! The train! I take it to almost every con I go to. It's so much fun I usually get so much work done. The dude sitting right in front of me on the way to MoCCA was exhibiting at the show. It was fun to trade comics and talk "shop" on the train. We should organize a train car full of comics folks to a show sometime.

Neil Jun17

Awesome, Alec! I'll be thinking of you riding the train to your destiny (a.k.a. hanging out with Jeff Smith) while I'm hosting the first ever meeting of the Grand Rapids Comics Roundtable tonight! I will bring Phase 7's for everyone to read!

Matthew Jun18

what an awesome opportunity... have a great time! Wish I was able to come.

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