Sun 7/12/2009

I woke up this morning in Portland, Oregon and I just now stepped in the door, back here in Vermont. The CCS Summer Workshops start TOMORROW, so I don't have time to write a "full-length" blog recap (I know, I know, lucky you!) Here instead, are the highlights from my week away:

  • An impromptu 4th of July lunch with Liz Prince and her boyfriend Justin, during a lengthy layover in Boston on my way home to Seattle
  • Seeing the fireworks bursting all over the various neighborhoods of Seattle while driving home from the airport with my parents
  • Seeing my sister Courtney safe and sound back home in the USA
  • Meeting Courtney's friend Anna, who is an internationally renowned, Austrian KITE artist (!?!)
  • Going to Jim Henson's Fantastic World AGAIN at the EMP in Seattle (thanks for the head's up Bruce!)
  • Seeing UP in 3D! Talk about a great movie...
  • Drawing comics in my parents basement while listening to my mom's old Beatles records
  • Having breakfast in Portland with Courtney, Galen and my parents (the whole family! all in one place!)
  • Getting drunk with Grizzo and Captain Reynolds
  • Biking around Portland in the sun with Greg
  • Catching up with all of my cousins and aunts and uncles, not to mention our various family friends
  • ALL WEDDING RELATED EVENTS (the rehearsal dinner, the quaker wedding service, the reception - all went off without a hitch!)
  • Seeing my Dad dance! (!?!)

Congratulations to Galen and Nathan, and thanks to everyone who made it such an awesome trip!

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Man, that sounds like fun!

If you ever find yourself on a stopover in ATL, we've got a pretty great Henson exhibit going on here, too...

whew... you're life is exhausting. Glad you had a good time and best of luck with the workshops. Yeah comics!

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