What Would Dumbledore Do?

Tue 7/14/2009

Pretty much the only thing I flat out DON'T LIKE about White River Junction is the fact that there is no movie theater here. I don't have a car, and the closest theater, while only a short bike ride away, is pretty much a pile of garbage (small dirty screens, rotting chairs, bad sound, rude staff, etc. etc.) It's not the kind of place where you would want to see an important movie... Like, hmmm... I don't know....


This is all to say that HP6 comes out tonight at midnight and I'm not going. And also that I'm gonna be going completely NUTS for the next three days, knowing that the movie is FINALLY available to see on the big screen (after it was SUPPOSED to be out in NOVEMBER) and that I can't see it. What I REALLY want to do is get back on another bus down to Boston, to see the free acoustic show that Harry and the Potters are going to play tonight (in a CAVE!) and then see the movie with them at midnight, but alas and alack, I have been out of town too much recently and anyway, I'm teaching workshops this week at CCS.

SO, while I'm sitting here with the events of Book 6 weighing heavily on my mind, I thought I would let you all know that The Harry Potter Alliance recently started a new campaign called What Would Dumbledore Do? and they are even using one of my illustrations for the campaign's banner! Dumbledore is definitely my favorite character of the Harry Potter books, so I'm really excited that they chose my drawing of him to help spread the word!

I'll try to post some of my reactions to the movie this weekend. I'm going to see the movie on Friday, as a reward for a week of hard work. Until then, I hope everyone else enjoys it!

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I'm waiting til Friday too, but I have a hot date with my roommates to cook dinner first and smuggle snacks and wear silly things and I can't wait!

Rachel Jul14

Let me just say how surprised I was when I was on the Leaky website going through the various clips and treats, and I saw that banner, and I went, "Geez that looks a lot like Alec's Dumbledore. He's gonna be pissed." Ha! Congrats man. I think you're going to love the movie. There's some great stuff.

Cam Jul16

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