Sun 7/19/2009

Saturday marked the end of an era for me. After 16 years of wearing glasses with no lenses in them, I finally donned my first real pair of prescription glasses. (!!?!)

While I was back home in Seattle, I went to an optometrist to get my eyes checked out for the first time in about ten years. Recently I have had little hints here and there that my eyesight had diminished, so I thought I should get my eyes checked out. The main thing I was interested in finding out, was whether an eye test could test the condition of YOUR eyes, or if it was just a universal test for everyone's eyes.

It turns out to be a bit of both. The optometrist told me that I have close to 20/20 vision right now, but 20/20 is not "perfect vision" as most people believe, it is an arbitrary standard that was decided upon. It simply means that a person can see a certain level of detail at 20 feet, which a "normal" person can see from 20 feet away. So, for example, a person with 20/40 eyesight could see that certain level of detail at 20 feet, which a "normal" person could see from 40 feet away. In other words, they have bad eyesight.

Well, the last time I had a physical (right before I left for college) I was told I had 20/10 vision, meaning that I can see that detail at 20 feet, which a "normal" person would have to be 10 feet away from to see. So I was told I had "better than perfect vision," though it sounds now as though I should have been told I had "better than NORMAL vision."

This is all to say that it's probably not CRUCIAL for me to wear these glasses. Any of my other bespectacled friends and loved ones would probably be happy to switch eyesight with me, as it would be better than the eyesight they now have. But inside of MY head, things look slightly blurry, compared to what I'm used to, and these glasses make everything look sharp again, how it looked for the first 28 years of my life. Plus, I've ALWAYS wanted to wear glasses, so I finally have an excuse to do so!

My friend Penina recommended a cool online glasses site, where you pick out a frame design, plug in your prescription and they mail you the glasses. I tried to get the ones that were closest to my frameless glasses (they are a bit smaller, but the same idea). The optometrist suggested I try wearing my new glasses all day, every day for two weeks straight, to try and get used to the sensation of having a frame surrounding my eyesight. I told him that it should be a pretty easy transition for me!

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hey alec...just be careful because i had the same situation happen to me in high school (10 years ago?!) and now i HAVE to wear glasses...i cant help but wonder if wearing glasses when i really didnt HAVE to made my eyes i wish i could only wear glasses without the lenses because i need them all the time...

jeff Jul19

Welcome to the four-eyes club. :P

Arlene Jul20

alec, this makes me so happy. now i can introduce you to all my real-glasses-wearing friends who would have shunned you before! joy

grizzo Jul30

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