New Neighbors!

Thu 8/6/2009

I know MOVING is supposed to be one of the most stressful events in a person's life, but if you are a cartoonist in White River Junction, it's not so bad!

When I arrived in White River Junction a year ago, I sent one text message to one person, and within 5 minutes there were a dozen fellow cartoonists helping me lug stuff up the stairs. The whole process took no more than 30 minutes. It was far and away the most painless move I have ever experienced.

There are only so many housing options in this tiny village, and there is a pretty high turnover rate (since CCS is only a two year program) so people are constantly moving out of and into new apartments. ESPECIALLY in the summer. And I would say about half of the time, people are moving into apartments that previously belonged to other cartoonists. For instance, I moved into Lucy's old apartment!

Well, on August first, a bunch of us helped out with a double-move, which brought two new, highly talented people into my 'hood. My new next door neighbor is Colleen Frakes, who was awarded a Xeric Grant for her book, Tragic Relief. Her new comic, Woman King is all about a little girl who is raised by BEARS. Both books are highly recommended!

And across the alley, we moved in Penina Gal who last year put out the first chapter of her epic watercolor comic, The Fire Messenger. I'm eagerly awaiting chapter two! Penina now lives in one of the most cartoonist-packed buildings in town, with her neighbors Cat Garza, Jen Vaughn and Morgan Pielli.

And in just a few weeks there will be a whole wave of NEW cartoonists coming to town for the fall semester. Including CCS's NEXT FELLOW (!!?!) I can't wait!

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my comment is complety out of topic...
I just want it to say how much inspiration i get from your comics.
your comic 'bout self publishing and phase 7 are next to "understanding comics by Scott McCloud" the best guide to young cartoonist and comic writers.
i'm from colombia... and it's pretty hard here. but i'll keep on fighting!
thanks, mate.
I'm a fan.

joshua sagar Aug07

Hi Alec, you should take a hear on this (weezer tribute...) :

"Perfect! | 14 chip tune celebrities interpret songs of college rock legends Weezer ("Buddy Holly"). That makes so much sense I wonder why it took the careful hands of Pterodactyl Squad Netlabel only now to make this album come to life. Great fun if you're a Weezer fan, catchy listen if you're an 8bit addict."

Vincent Aug07

Vincent, thanks for the link to the 8-bit Weezer album (and to a few other people who sent it my way). I finally downloaded the songs, which are pretty awesome! I especially dig the ones without vocals.

Joshua, thanks very much for your kind words. Keep fighting that good fight!

Alec Aug07

I like Colleen Frakes's work, I've read & enjoyed Tragic Relief ans reviewed it here :

As for your "next fellow", it shows that de CCS has very good taste ;O)

vincent degrez Aug10

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