Dogsitting and Snake Sighting!

Tue 8/11/2009

I was dogsitting this past weekend for my friends Joe and Becca, which was pretty awesome. I'm pretty much going out of my mind, I want a dog so bad, so it was super fun hanging out with Mosley, tossing the ball for him, going for walks, etc. etc. He is a good dog!

Oh, by the way, Joe is one of the most RIDICULOUSLY TALENTED young cartoonists working today. It is well worth your time to check out some of his jaw-dropping sketchbook pages or to order some of his rad minicomics. He'll also have a book coming out soon from Secret Acres, so keep an eye out for that...

This weekend I also got an email from Nate saying that his preordered copy of An Anaconda Ate My Homework had finally arrived. !!?! I colored this children's book, which was illustrated by my good friend Aaron Renier, but I hadn't thought to pre-order a copy so I'm super anxious to see how it all turned out. My copy is in the mail!

Sorry to double-post about this (I also talked about it in my illustration blog) but I am pretty pumped to see this book. Aaron's illustrations are top-notch and I'm hoping the colors all turned out well. Fingers crossed!

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Thanks so much Alec! You are welcome to come over ANY TIME to hang out with Mos.

Joe Aug11

No sweat Joe, it was so fun hanging out with Mosley.

P.S. Aaron's book arrived today and it looks AMAAAAAAAZING!!! People should totally check it out!

Alec Aug13

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