New Comments RSS Feed! NATE BEATY!!!

Mon 8/17/2009

I emailed Nate late last night asking if there was a simple way for him to set up an RSS Feed for comments on this site. Then I woke up this morning at 6am, and it was done!

For those of you accessing this site through some other means (LiveJournal, Google Reader, etc. etc.) I'll post the links here:

Blog RSS
Comments RSS

So hopefully that'll make it easier to keep up with responses to your comments, without having to come back here to check the site. Also people will be able to see the various comments that pop up on some of the 500+ archived blog entries. Thanks Nate!

Besides being a regular coding genius Nate is also one of my favorite illustrators. Many of you probably know Nate's work from his sometimes haunting, often beautiful inkwash endpapers for the Papercutter anthology. He's also done illustrations for McSweeney's, Faber & Faber, The Portland Mercury and many other prestigious clients. This drawing above will be a cover for a friend's forthcoming self-published book.

Nate was pretty much the first real cartoonist I ever met and I have always felt incredibly indebted to him, for welcoming me into the comics community in Portland, back in 2004. He doesn't really make personal websites for people any more, so I can't tell you to hire him for that, but I CAN point you to his excellent book, BFF (Brainfag Forever!) which is a collection of some of my favorite minicomics. Also, word on the street is that he should have a NEW minicomic at SPX. Definitely don't miss that!

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*blush* guess I better get cracking on that mini!

you know, I have functionality to put an "email me when someone replies" checkmark on your comments form. not sure why it's not there now..? I use Disqus these days on my sites, but that's probably the most useful feature it brings, and I've already coded it for brainfag.

I'm okay without that feature, but I guess it's not up to me! If people would like that functionality, leave comments here for Nate.

And heck yes you better get cracking on that mini. You said you'd have ANOTHER new one at APE, right? ;)

Alec Aug18

astoria... isn't it the place where the GOONIES live ?

btw nice pics (and kind words towards us) from "ye olde europe"... souvenirs souvenirs... try and come back.

pierre Maurel Aug18

You've got it Pierre! Nate used to live out there too, so he's the perfect illustrator for a book of stories about Astoria.

I'll be back as soon as I finish Basewood, if not sooner! In the meantime, good luck with the book you are working on. I can't wait to see it!

Alec Aug19

I really like this cover, it's awesome ! Do you know when it will come to print ?

I'm not sure, but Nate will no doubt let everyone know on his blog:

Alec Aug20

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