The Cardboard Hatrack!

Wed 8/19/2009

One night back in March, I built a hatrack out of cardboard. I was too busy to post about it then, but I took pictures while I was constructing it, so I've posted them up in a new Flickr set.

It's no Cardboard Man, or even a Cardboard Chair but it's dead useful and it was a lot of fun to build.

Sometimes I really miss being a carpenter. There is something so satisfying about working with your hands, taking measurements, thinking in three dimensions, trying to build something strong and having something useful, or at least tactile when you are done. My ultimate dream would be to someday have a garage or a basement where I could have some woodworking tools. Even just with a table saw and a compound mitre saw I think I could make some pretty cool stuff... Someday!

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dude this is seriously amazing! i looked through the other cardboard projects and i was just blown away. i mean really man that is so amazing and cool. i have to try something like that.

Thanks Zack! You should definitely build something out of cardboard. It's cheap and strong and super easy to manipulate.

Alec Aug25

wow, these are great designed of cardboard, you have build it with an amazing method.

james Jan06

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