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Tue 8/25/2009

Well, the new weezer song was officially released today! As luck would have it, I've actually had a copy of the song for more than a WEEK, thanks to a quick tip off by blog commenter Tim and the ineptitude of Walmart.com. My iTunes play count says I've listened to it more than 50 times so far, so I THINK I'm ready to weigh in on my predictions for Weezer's upcoming 7th album, "RADITUDE" which is due out on October 27th...

This album is going to ROCK!!!

Sure, it is an upbeat pop song. And yeah, the production is pretty darn slick. For those of you bemoaning these facts, and hoping for another Blue Album, all I can say is "LIVE IN THE NOW." The band has changed a lot in the last seventeen years and I see this album as a step in the right direction.

At least the lyrics tell a story, or (I'm assuming) reflect experiences from Rivers's life, instead of bland, generic love song lyrics (ala The Green Album) or random gibberish (ala Maladroit). And anyone who thinks this song presents a pop facade, with no real musical core, should take another listen to the crazy three-part harmonies in that bridge section! Also the whole song is about sitting next to a girl, hoping she'll make the first move, which feels like classic Weezer to me.

This song sounds FUN! And it's nice to think of Weezer having fun. Lord knows there have been some times when it seemed like the band was at eachother's throats, and that Weezer's days were numbered. So to have them put out another album only a year after The Red Album is a good sign I think. Hopefully they'll keep making music together for a really long time.

Anyway, this song is streaming online for free over at weezer.com if you want to give it a listen. It gets my two thumbs up, although you knew it would! ;)

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Hey, Alec. For some reason, I keep getting failure notices trying to send you e-mails, so I thought I'd try and send this through the comments.

Seeing as you're Earth's foremost authority on Weezer, I though you might be in a position to help me out.

A few years ago - I'm guessing early-mid 2002, based on where I was living when I bought it, I got a CD mail-order that was orchestral versions of Weezer songs. Now, this ISN'T the String quartet tribute; each of these songs were made to sound as though they fit into a different musical category, much like the originals. I distinctly remember one - I'm not positive, but it MAY have been "Across the Sea," that sounded like a Copeland composition. I think that the orchestral album came out post-green but I don't think it had many if any green tracks on it. I THINK it had a photo of a mountain or something on the cover.

Any idea what this is? Mine is long-lost, along with most of my CDs from those mid-college years, and I'm aching to hear it again. I figured that if ANYONE knows then it'd be you.


Chris - ACK, sorry to hear your emails are bouncing back. I did a test and it was working from over here...

As for this instrumental Weezer CD, I've never heard of it! It sounds pretty rad though. Keep hunting for it and let me know if you ever track down another copy.

And good luck with the home stretch on your book. You can do it!!!

Alec Aug25

I love the new WEEZER song.
You actually turned me onto them last year. Never really gave them much of a listen to before.
; )

Wade Aug26

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