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Wed 9/2/2009

Holy smokes, a whole week without a post? Time seems to be flying faster and faster as the new school year gets closer and closer. I've been drawing like a maniac, trying to get Phase 7 #007 done before I get all swept up into my teaching duties this fall.

Luckily, my friends Maris and Joe rolled into town last weekend, which gave me an excuse to get out of the apartment for almost a whole day. Joe has been working SUPER hard on that crazy oversized DC Comics thing that's been going on this summer (he is drawing the Green Lantern strip, which is just stunning to look at) so this was his reward for a job well done.

Then on Monday night, the new CCS fellow, Max rolled into town on the 7pm train. As many of you no doubt remember from Phase 7 #014, Max is one of the guys from L'employé du Moi who helped me translate and edit my French Phase 7 book. He'll be living up here in Vermont for the whole school year (until May) which is so awesome.

We had the first CCS faculty meeting yesterday, there is a big faculty art show opening on Friday (and a signing for Steve's new book) and then this weekend we have separate orientation meetings for the first year students and the second year students. Then it's off to the races! Classes start next week.

This year I'll once again teach Professional Practices, and I'll also be co-teaching Cartooning Studio with the inimitable Jason Lutes. So you can bet there will be a lot of learning happening on BOTH sides of the teacher's table!

Okay, I better jump back into the fray. I'll post again when I can!

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