Jedi Knight!

Sat 9/26/2009

Two thursdays ago, on the same day that I finished inking Chapter 3 of Basewood, I had my best game yet of Star Wars: Episode I pinball. I made it through EIGHT mini-games, spelling J-E-D-I TWICE and defeated Darth Maul both times (the second time in a new location; in the Naboo hangar bay) thus achieving Jedi Knight status. I also had a crazy awesome multi-ball round, which brought my score up to 99,200,000, points a mere 800k short of knocking out the robot 100,000,000 Grand Champion score. (agh! SO close!)

This all happened about a month after I achieved Jedi Youth status and in that time I have become even more obsessed with Pinball. Jon and I have been watching some YouTube videos of pinball games, which have taught us some new moves for controlling the ball. I also bought a copy of that documentary TILT: The Battle to Save Pinball which detailed the heroic struggle of the Pin2K design team. Watching it made me realize, this machine is the most technologically advanced pinball machine IN THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD.

Jon also found this machine's listing in the Internet Pinball Database which contains all kinds of crazy information, including the rule sheet, which explains all of the rules for every mini-game and all of the sensors, and the operations manual, which basically lists EVERY setting and the function of each part in the machine.

Our only fear is that the place which HOUSES the machine might go out of business, and we'll lose access to the game. We go in there four times a week (Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday) and we are almost always the only people in there. So we've got to play while we can, and try to beat the game! There are still Jedi Master and Jedi Spirit ranks to be achieved, and I need to knock down that grand champion high score! I'm getting better, so hopefully it will happen soon. I'll keep you all posted...

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I adore pinball... I'm not necessarily great at it but I love it. I used to walk down to the corner laundromat to play Temple of Doom arcade and the pinball machine TAXI(link to it below)... good machine.

possibly your greatest post ever. pinball rules the school, and when darth maul gets involved? fuggedaboutit

grizzo Sep29

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