Phase 7 #007 is Now Available!

Fri 10/9/2009

Well, I made my final trip to the post office this morning, so ALL the subscriber copies of Phase 7 #007 are finally in the mail!

Now that the subscriber issues have been taken care of, Phase 7 #007 is available for ordering in the comics section, which I just totally OVERHAULED.

Basically, when I started Phase 7, I didn't have to worry too much about international orders. A few popped up here and there, and initially, I was so thrilled to have readers in other countries that I just ate up the extra shipping costs. But with the release of my French Phase 7 book, I started getting a lot of French, Belgian and Canadian orders. I tried putting in a drop-down menu on my PayPal buttons, for international orders, which added $1 of extra shipping. But after today's trip to the post office, I realized how much money I was losing with this system... (A LOT)

So now I've created three different "Add To Cart" buttons for each comic: one for shipping in the USA, one for Canada and one for International shipping. Each has its own shipping cost, based on the weight of the book, and the calculated cost. It means more buttons, which looks sort of ugly, but it will also mean that I can charge the amount of money that it costs for me to ships things, which is a good thing!

Here are the ordering buttons for the new issue, so you can order it right from this blog post if you want!

Shipping inside the USA
$5.00 + $1.75 shipping

Shipping to Canada
$5.00 + $2.50 shipping

Shipping Internationally
$5.00 + $5.50 shipping

I've got one week to get ready for APE (Oct. 17th and 18th in San Francisco!) so I better head back down to the lab and keep printing up more copies of Phase 7!

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Joey Oct09

Congratulations... and Happy Birthday! I'm looking forward to reading this issue. Have a great APE!

Thanks Joey! Marek, your copy should arrive any day now...

Alec Oct09

I must say I was ashamed to have paid apparently a third of what it cost you to send your comics to France - I'll be happy to pay more next time, all the best

Delphine Oct10

Thanks for the thought Delphine, but it was my own foolishness! Consider it a gift from me to you ;)

Alec Oct10

Just subscribed, Alec. Your work made me order my first comics subscription ever.

Barry Edwards Oct12

my copy arrived safely a few days ago - beautiful stuff.

man, I didn't know we abroad fanatics costed you a fortune... On our side, the time spent by your comics to reach us is just as excruciating!

oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god i can't wait!

It really is well done, Alec. The details are awesome!

Arlene Oct13

I'm glad you are getting orders worldwide! Amazing, and yes, it shoudn't cost you money.

Andy Oct13

I just received it today, along with another package containing nothing less than Monsters (in 1 volume)! Already an amazing day!

Hey Alec,

Just received my subscriber copy of Phase 7 a couple days ago and read it that night. So enjoyable. I love how you take your time with everything from the snow and panel details to the pacing of the story. So lovingly crafted. Always looking forward to the next issue.


Ryan Claytor

I really enjoyed this issue, and the three other back issues I ordered. Every issue was entertaining, enjoyable and inspirational. Every time I read something like P7 #14, it inspires me to spend more time drawing.

I couldn't believe the hate mail that was sent to you that was printed in this issue. Rude things like this are always done anonymously. I'm glad you're not breaking your back to try to make your work look like everyone else's. Part of what makes your work great is the distinctive Longstrethian style! Keep up the great work!

Andy Oct23

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