Halloween! Uncle Envelope! The Second List!

Sun 11/1/2009

Every year for Halloween, White River Junction has this big parade, where everyone marches down main street in their costumes. Somehow last year I totally spaced out and didn't participate at all. This year I decided to dress up as Hagrid (I was debating about whether to use my crazy beard to be Hagrid or Dumbledore, but then I figured I could have an even CRAZIER Dumbledore beard next year). Also Maris and Joe and Liz and Justin all came up from Boston, so we had a pretty awesome time. I put up a Halloween Flickr set with all of our costumes and some pumpkins they carved, etc. Check it out!

(I'm doing another one of those triple-blog posts, so let's move on to round two)

So, about a year ago, this girl Kristen asked me to take part in this new comics/zine/mail project she was starting called Uncle Envelope. I've been trying really hard to not pick up too many side projects, so that I can stay focused on Basewood, but this sounded too cool to not get involved.

The idea is that kids can sign up for a subscription and then once a month they get a surprise zine or minicomic in the mail, from a bunch of different artists. (It's kind of like Liz Baillie's minicomic of the month club, only for kids!) I loved the idea of kids getting zines in the mail, so I told Kristen that I would contribute an issue, but I have been so busy with stuff I didn't have a chance to put one together, until NOW!

Yup, the Novemeber issue of Uncle Envelope will be Phase 7 Funnies #2, which is a collection of gags and funny comics that I pitched to Nickelodeon Magazine (which did not make it in, but are still pretty funny if you ask me). So anyway, if you want to check this out, sign up over at the Uncle Envelope site. I'm 99% sure this will be continuing with more issues next year.

(Okay, here's the last bit...)

Hey, so does anyone remember that weird LIST thing I did last year in February? Where I made a list with everything I would like to accomplish in a day, and then I printed one copy of the list for each day of the month? And then I tried to do EVERY to-do item EVERY day? And then I charted my progress? Well, I'm doing that again this month.

I've been feeling stressed out with all the stuff I have going on, and I have so many projects that just never get touched, so hopefully this will help me do a little bit of work on a lot of stuff, and with any luck, by the end of the month I'll have finished some stuff off. This year's list is not as crazy (10 items instead of 24) and has a good balance of work things and fun things. Anyway, I'll let you all know how it goes!

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Awesome! I can't wait to get your Uncle Envelope comic in the mail!

Neil Nov04

did you take any picture of Max in a... Max costume ? I'd like to see that :D

Vincent, I didn't, but Jen did!


Alec Nov07

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