APE 2009

Tue 10/20/2009

Well, APE was... "APEtastic." I hadn't been to this show since about 2004, but it was pretty much as I remembered it. Not a huge show sales-wise, but it was definitely a giant room full of super talented people. I got to meet some Phase 7 subscribers, and a few people who were pretty stoked to get the latest installment of Basewood. Plus I saw a ton of west-coast comics artists who I don't get to see too often, so that alone was worth the trip.

Nate decided to come out at the last minute, so I tabled with him and Greg. (Nate also took the above picture and a bunch more of his awesome black and white cartoonist portraits). Rina was also behind the table with us for most of the weekend, signing her new book Whirlwind Wonderland which was co-published by Greg and Dylan. ALSO, Claire was hanging out with me for much of the show, so it was basically a non-stop party of awesomeness at our table, all weekend long.

The last time I came to APE, I didn't yet know anyone in the comics community and I didn't really have the guts to wander around the city at night, so my experience was pretty boring outside of the show. THIS time, I spent Saturday night getting some yummy vegetarian food with two of my previous students, Dan Archer and Sam Carbaugh, who were also at the show, representing for CCS. And on Sunday I went with MK and Liz (fresh from their tour!) and Matt Weigle and some Swedish cartoonists for a massive feast of indian food which hit the spot AND HOW.

Steve and Jason are going to cover my classes on Wednesday and Thursday, so I'm basically playing hooky here in San Francisco for the rest of the week with Claire. It's gonna be my last chance at some mild weather before I head back to Vermont for the long winter, so I'm doing my best to enjoy it!

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How did your APE con report not have any mention of Jeff Smith? Or getting to draw with Jeff Smith? Are you over him?

Greg Oct21

OH YEAH, I totally forgot! Thanks Greg. AHEM...

I didn't even realize Jeff Smith was going to be at this show. When I saw him on the floor, he asked me to participate in an Art Battle on Sunday, which was going to benefit the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund. So on Sunday I ended up drawing on the same piece of paper as Jeff Smith and Larry Marder - crazy!

Alec Oct21

nice pic !

pierre Maurel Oct23

Nice to see you once again on the comics circuit.

Did you know that they're teaching a comics course at Oberlin? Perhaps inspired by your exco...

josh Oct24

Josh, Interesting! I DIDN'T know that. I'm sure there are plenty of people interested in comics at Oberlin. It's a school that's turned out more than a few great cartoonists: Alison Bechdel, Jason Little, Josh Neufeld, David Heatly - we should try to get the school to pony up for an all-Oberlin comics anthology or something!

Alec Oct28

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