Wed 10/28/2009

Yesterday I made my triumphant return to White River Junction, after a super-mega-ULTRA awesome week in California.

Now, OSTENSIBLY, this blog is about my LIFE, right? Really though, there is a lot of stuff I don't usually like writing about on here. Most of the time I try to keep it pretty "professional" and write about projects that I am working on, or things that I'm listening to, or reading, or watching, etc. because who knows who is reading this thing, and plus who wants to read a bunch of moody stuff about my personal life, right?

Well, it's going to be pretty hard to talk about my time in San Francisco, without talking about CLAIRE, my amazing new girlfriend, who is pretty much the coolest person on earth. Sorry if this news has all of you barfing all over your keyboards, but I guess I don't care. I think Claire is the bee's knees, and we are totally in love. Ask me about how cool she is sometime and I will talk your goddamned ear off.

ANYWAY, even if you set aside all the lovey-dovey stuff, it was still a pretty magical week in northern California. I used to think people were such whiners when they complained about the rain in Seattle after moving there from California. But after spending ten days in sunny, 72-degree weather (in MID-OCTOBER), I can see how an overcast sky could freak someone out after a lifetime of perfect weather. I got to explore a bit of downtown, and various parts of Berkeley and Oakland (where Claire lives). The Bay Area seems pretty cool. There is a lot going on and it is pretty easy to get around with public transportation.

On Sunday, Claire, a bunch of her friends, some of my old college friends and I all descended upon the Lucky Juju Backalley Pinball Parlor which was definitely a highlight of my trip. It's $10 at the door and then they have three rooms full of pinball machines, which are all set to FREEPLAY. It was EXTREMELY RAD. Claire also took me to the Musee Mechanique which had all kinds of crazy coin-operated machines, including some pretty sweet pinball machines. I definitely returned to Vermont with some new flipper moves!

Well anyway, I'm back now and have a ton of catching up to do in many different realms (teaching, sending out Phase 7 orders, emails, letters, etc.) I've also got some blog entries stock-piled, so there should be some more of my blabbering coming soon!

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Blabber on, Dr. Lovestreth!

Oh my Jesus, my bro listen--I want to go on one of these pinball excursions with you. I'm not bad, but maybe not as good as you've gotten, but I definitely speak the language. Next comics show, we need to schedule a side trip to the nearest pinball parlor for realz...

Lucky Girl. Hope she knows what she's got there :)

Paul Madavi Oct29

Aww...that's sweet news. :) I'm happy for you, Alec.

Arlene Oct29

Dusty, I am totally down. Are you gonna be at MoCCA? Stumptown? Let's make this happen!

Alec Oct29

Don't forget to name all of your children Liz. ALL OF THEM.

your beard is getting so long! when are you going to take a Alan Moore style picture where you looking super scary

You can name the girls "Liz" but name the boys "Stefan"

Stefan Oct29

count me in for a pinball excursion!

That is cool news!

Andy Nov07

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